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when non smokers breathe the smoke of cigars it is called second - hand smoking. That's how they get affected which ends up inviting non smokers to smoke.

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because of second hand smoke

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Q: How are non-smokers affected by smokers?
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An investigation of the lung capacity of smokers and nonsmokers?

hay what is your name

Many smokers catch the flu and what easier than nonsmokers?


What are the risks for nonsmokers?

There are high risks of cancer for passive smokers as well.

What are the odds of nonsmokers developing cardiovascular disease when compared to smokers?

A smoker's risk of heart attack, or myocardial infarction, is four times the risk of nonsmokers. Smokers also have four times the risk of cardiovascular disease in general.

What are the advantages of public smoking?

Lung cancer, tar, emphysema, for smokers and nonsmokers

Can non smokers hold their breath longer than smokers?

the results are that smokers can hold their breath longer than nonsmokers since they are used to non oxygen.

Do nonsmokers have a bigger lung capacity than smokers?

Yes. In simple form, smokers have worn their lungs out so it's harder to keep a higher lung capacity.

How many smokers die per year?

About 400,000 smokers in the United States die each year. But 3,000 NONsmokers die each year from inhaling the smoke.

The number one reason given by smokers for missing work more often than nonsmokers is?

Respiratory Illness

Are there facts about secondhand?

For example, children living with smokers are twice as likely to have respiratory problems as children living with nonsmokers.

Are nonsmokers affected by smokers?

yes, but the nicotine that you get by second hand smoking is very little and is not enough to make you addictive.

Do you lose seven minutes of your life per cigarette you smoke?

Yes it is true. You lose 7 minutes of your life for every cigarette you smoke. I disagree.There is no way one can quantify such a variable. Many heavy smokers live to a ripe old age. Some light smokers die relatively early as do some nonsmokers. For smokers and nonsmokers alike the mortality (death) rate is 100%!