What are the risks for nonsmokers?

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There are high risks of cancer for passive smokers as well.

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Q: What are the risks for nonsmokers?
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What are the odds of nonsmokers developing cardiovascular disease when compared to smokers?

Nonsmokers are half as likely to develop cardiovascular disease.

What are the chances of getting cancer from weed?

Depending on how you use it, your chances may be somewhat higher than nonsmokers. However, there are ways to avoid those risks and the overall increase is not as high as that caused by other activities.

What are the release dates for 6 Nonsmokers - 2011?

6 Nonsmokers - 2011 was released on: USA: 20 January 2013 (correction)

Who are nonsmokers who breath secondhand smoke?

Secondhand smokers.

An investigation of the lung capacity of smokers and nonsmokers?

hay what is your name

How do smokers lungs look compared to nonsmokers lungs?

Smoker's lungs are dark depending on how many years of smoking, and the nonsmokers' lungs are normal, somewhat rosy. The difference is very perceptible.

Many smokers catch the flu and what easier than nonsmokers?


What risks of anesthesia if you smoke?

Smokers require special consideration and treatment when undergoing surgery. The effects of smoking-related diseases increase both anesthetic risks, as well as risks of complications during surgery and recovery.Conversely, anesthesia is safer and more predictable in nonsmokers due to better functioning of the heart, blood vessels, lungs and nervous systems.Source:

What are the advantages of public smoking?

Lung cancer, tar, emphysema, for smokers and nonsmokers

What is an abbreviation for a substance in the air that can cause diseases in nonsmokers?

enviromental tobacco smoke

How do cigarettes affect nonsmokers that are around smokers?

It has been said that, nonsmokers who breath secondhand smoke quite alot can have damage on your lungs. The only difference is instead of smoking the acctual chemicals, your just breathing the burnt chemicals.

Smokers' risk of heart attack is times the risk of nonsmokers?

A smoker's risk of heart attack, or myocardial infarction, is four times the risk of nonsmokers. Smokers also have four times the risk of cardiovascular disease in general.

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