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ones direct and the other is indirect..

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Q: How are direct relationship and an indirect relationship different?
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Is boyles law a direct or indirect relationship?

Boyle's Law is an indirect relationship. (Or an inverse)

Is gay-lussac's law direct or indirect?

Direct Relationship

At constant pressure what type of relationship do Volume and Temperature have Direct or indirect?

they have an intimate relationship

Difference between direct and indirect address instruction?

the different between direct and indirect adress instruction

What is the definition of labor ratios?

cost relationship between direct and indirect.

What is a direct and indirect relationship in a food web?

a direct relationship means the thing eats the thing immediately (like a cow and grass) a indirect relationship means it does not eat that thing with it's own mouth (i.e. grass<cow<human)

What is the relationship between distance and time?

There is no direct relationship between distance and time. Two airplanescan easily cover very different distances in the same amount of time.There can be an indirect relationship, that depends on speed.

How are indirect and direct rule different?

Direct rule refers direct control as regards administration whereas indirect rule means self-governing.

What is the cause of direct or indirect sunlight?

different seasons

Direct and indirect are two different types of?


How are direct control and indirect control different?

Direct Conflict Management is to figure it out or avoidance. Indirect Conflict Management is it seems to appeal a common goal. The difference between direct and indirect conflict management is direct conflict management is to figure it out or avoidance, and indirect conflict management is to appeal a common goal.

What are the 2 different types of fuel injection?

indirect and direct