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what is direct and indirect expense

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what is direct expenese and indirect expenese

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Q: What is direct expenses and indirect expenses?
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Staff welfare is direct or indirect expenses?

indirect expeneses

How many Type Of Indirect and Direct Expenses?

there are 4 types

What is the difference between direct expense and indirect expense in financial account?

give the full chart of the direct and indirect expenses . detail about this

What are the two bases for allocating the factory overhead expenses?

Direct and indirect

List of Direct and Indirect expenses in Accounting?

Some direct expenses for a furniture manufacturer are:Laborers' wagesHandles, locks and hingesSynthetic woodGlassWoodSome indirect expenses for a furniture manufacturer are:Power consumptionNails and screwsSupervisors' salariesVarnish, glue, paintsFactory insuranceFactory depreciationFactory manager's salary

Are sales commissions a direct or indirect expense?

Sales commissions are direct expenses. Direct expenses are those that used to directly run a business like labor, materials products services and more. Indirect expenses are the costs of doing business and include things like rent, insurance, depreciation and more.

Some examples of direct material cost and direct labor cost?

examples of dierect material,indirect,labour,and expenses cost

What are the expenses that come in indirect expenses?

The expenses those come in the debit side of the Profit & Loss Account of the Company are all indirect expenses.

What are costs that are associated with the operation of manufacturing but are not direct labor or direct materials?

Facilities Expenses - Rent, Utilities, Maintenance, InsuranceEquipment Expenses - Maintenance and Repair, DepreciationSelling Expenses such as AdvertisingOperating Expenses such as Telephone, Office Expense and Indirect LaborCosts that add no value to product such as Shipping, Warehousing, and Quality Control

What is the difference between direct expenses and indirerect expenses?

Direct expenses are those which has direct influence in production for example labor. material, and which cost is directly included in cost of goods sold. But indirect cost is not directly included in cost of goods sold.It treat as a FOH, for example nuts, gum etc.

What are the expenses that comes under indirect expenses?

all expenses which are related to office ...

What is Promotion expenses is it an expense or current liability?

it is Administative Expenses And Indirect Expenses

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