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If his sister wants to meet you it is just a sign that she wants to know what kind of person her brother is dating.

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Q: His sister wants to meet you what does it mean?
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What does it mean if a girl wants to meet at a coffee shop?

it means she wants to have coffee :)

What if your guy friend wants to meet your brother what does it mean?

It means he wants to meet your brother. Why try to read something into it, perhaps he just wants more friends.

When my new boyfriend rings everyday what does it mean he wants us to meet he does not want to discuss anything in full on the phone he wants us to meet?

He probably wants to surprise you.

What is does it mean when a girl wants you to meet her family?

It means she wants you to meet her family. She likes you, and she wants them to get to know you. That's all it means. Sometimes, of course, it means the family has demanded to meet you. If you think there is some other hidden meaning, ask her.

Why does your sister say you are mean?

If she does say this lock her in a room somehow. The answer is she wants you to be in trouble.

What does it mean when a guy looks at you cutely?

It means that he wants to meet you and wants to take it slow...SO DONT PUSH IT!!!

Why is an adult sister so mean?

She is not mean. She wants to help you, and because she is older, probably has more wisdom.

What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend wants to meet with you because he wants to offer you a job?

Before you agree to meet him, find out what type of "job" it is that he wants to offer you. Maybe he is just playing with you. Maybe it could be that he or someone he knows really wants to offer you some type of employment. Maybe he justs wants to see you. Find out what he wants before you agree to meet him.

What does it mean when a guy wants you to meet his parents?

That hes serious and really likes you!

What does it mean when your ex says he likes you as a sister?

His love for you is not sexual. He wants your relationship to be platonic.

Boyfriend wants to meet for coffee.what does this mean?

Maybe it means he wants to hang out with you some more. Or he just likes Coffee... Either Way... :-)

What did he mean when he said he thought you were naughty and to meet him somewhere?

It probably means that he wants to have sex with you.