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He probably wants to surprise you.

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He probably has a surprise for you or he wants to talk.

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Q: When my new boyfriend rings everyday what does it mean he wants us to meet he does not want to discuss anything in full on the phone he wants us to meet?
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Why does your sister stay on the phone all day?

Maybe she has a boyfriend or a friend that she enjoys talking to, or has a lot to discuss.

Is it right for your bf and best friend to talk on the phone everyday?

Well theres not realy anything wrong with that but it is kinda strange that your best friend talks to your boyfriend every day ON THE PHONE EVEN!

What does the girl say to her boyfriend on the phone?

Anything! If you love him, he's someone you could share anything with (still wise to avoid TMI though)

Should you tell your ex you still love her?

If your ex does not have a boyfriend or is not married and only dating then phone her (don't text her) and ask her if she will meet you somewhere and then discuss how you feel about her.

Conversations with your boyfriend?

Well, if you and your boyfriend have had sex, or are doing sexual things, and you have nothing to talk about, discuss sexual things. If you're just looking for a normal conversation, talk about things that you both enjoy. My boyfriend and I like to talk dirty to each other over the phone, text messages, etc. We've been dating for almost two years, and it sure does spice things up and make us want each other more and more everyday.

Should you press charges on someone that stole your phone but you see them everyday?

Yes, you should or you will become an easy target for them to take ANYTHING they want from you. If you are afraid of them, you or your parent can call the phone company and have the phone service to that phone shut off and discontinued which may not get your phone back, but will make it worthless to them.

Is it possible to tell if my boyfriend is calling from out of state if he only calls from his cell phone?

Anything is possible... I use my cell phone because its on me, its got all my numbers in it and the call plan isn't too bad.

Why when your boyfriend angry with you why he doesnt answer his phone?

i believe he needs to maybe cool off.. but I am not saying it is correct!! He should answer his phone because you need some reassurance that hes okay and hasnt done anything stupid.. but this is my opinion..

How do you get in your boyfriend phone?

chuck Norris

What should you do if your daughter wants to live with her boyfriend?

AnswerIt depends how old your daughter is. If she's 17+ then there isn't really much you can do because she'll just run away. I hope you will post back below this and give us a little more indepth info regarding the situation. Such as, how old is your daughter and how old is her boyfriend. Is her boyfriend a nice guy or a loser.ok if your daughter is 13 and she has a 13 year old boyfriend to wat is so bad about that. they arent doing anything wrong but talking on the phone and if they live in different states of course they arent going to be doing anything but talking on the phone. unless your daughter knows how to have phone sex then you have a problem but other than that wt are they gooing to be doing other than on the phone. and at school.

If you think about someone everyday do they think about you everyday?

There no way to ever confirm but I find it often that my me and my boyfriend think about each other a lot during the same times, via text or by phone. Sometimes the energy is so strong until you feel that person has to know ur thinking of them and has to be thinking about yo

What do you do when its quiet on the phone with your boyfriend?

Hang up.