Height of a dwarf

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The legal height limit is 4'10". So 4'10" and under is considered "little person", however to be a dwarf, there is a medical condition called dwarfism that many people of short stature don't have.

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Q: Height of a dwarf
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you cannot adjust the height of your character, therefore you cannot create a dwarf

At what height is one considered a dwarf?

An Adult (18+) under the height of 4"10' is considered a dwarf or little person.

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Who is taller a dwarf or a midget?

They have the same height, which is less than 147 cm (4' 10"). The difference is that a dwarf has disproportion of body parts, while a midget is normally proportioned.

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5ft and under

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26 yards and 3 inches that is the limit glad to help you

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