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Plainly this means that he wants a break.

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Q: He said you were heavy on his heart would mean what?
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He said you were heavy on my heart What does this mean?

He most likely had you on his mind and found it hard to get you off his mind.

What does unity of heart mean?

if mind operates without conflict or contradiction--unity of heart is said to be there

What does absence makes the heart forget mean?

"Absence", it is said, "makes your heart grow fonder."

Should wedding vows be said by heart or memorized?

You usually repeat after the Pastor. But you should mean them from your heart.

What does 'esta mi corazón enamorado' mean?

It means "this my loved heart". If you said "Está mi corazón enamorado" it would mean "It is my heart in love". "Estás mi corazón enamorado" would be "You are my beloved heart", although you would normally use the verb "ser" here. "Eres mi corazón enamorado". It means the same thing, but impled a permanant condition.

How heavy are mgp team editions?

heavy nuff said

This guy just said ily wich mean i love you and then he said not really after it what does that mean?

if a guy said that to me i would take it as he was just messing around when he said ily

What did Louis Armstrong mean when he said you blows who you is?

He meant that the heart and soul of a musician is apparent in the music that he makes.

Will mindless behavior date a 11 year old girl?

i think that if you were exactly what they wanted in a girlfriend maybe but there also 14. i mean the heart wants what the heart wants. Yeah, that's true. ^ But they are all 14/15 right now. And I think the youngest they said they would date a girl was about 12 or 13. But like the other person said, If your all they need in a girlfriend, then they would. :)

How do you say from my heart to yours in spanish?

"Llama de mi corazón" would be "flame of my heart".

Aristotle said heavy objects will fall faster and Galileo said heavy and light objects will fall at the same acceleration?

Yes, that is correct.

What would a guy mean when I asked him who he likes and he said find out for yourself?

it can mean that he likes you