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Good health is hard to define. Mostly, we measure ill-health or death rates.

However, it can be contended that health is partly and individual responsibility: individuals can choose whether to follow healthy lifestyles, for example, or whether to participate in high-risk activities (I was initially thinking of sports, but unprotected sex comes into this category too).

However, good health is also a societal responsibility: developed societies usually have both public health provision (drinking water supply, sewage systems, refuse disposal, etc.) AND healthcare systems. These systems contribute hugely to good health.

The reasons for this are complex, but originate in the notion of healthy workforces and armies and (later) in the idea that it is the state's duty to care for its citizens.

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Health is the responsibility of the individual. No doubts about it. Individuals have a right to information and education on how to maintain good health but ultimately they bear the responsibility to take action.

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Q: Good health is responsibility of individual?
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How far is good health is responsibility of individual?

For children the responsibility is placed on the adults that come into contact with them on a daily basis, usually parents and teachers. As for adults, that is the responsibility of the individual themselves.

How you are individual responsibility for enhancing health?

Become a Powerfully Positive Person, and empower yourself by taking responsibility for your health and fitness.

What agency is supposed to protect the health and safety of the population?

Protecting the health and safety of the population in general is the responsibility of the Police Department, the Health Department (or Health Ministry in some countries), and also the Department of Environmental Protection or of Environmental Conservation. But ultimately the responsibility for the health and safety of each individual rests with that individual. The health and safety of the working population is the responsibility of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and its state equivalents (in the US), of the Health and Safety Executive (in the UK) and of equivalent agencies in other countries. But the ultimate responsibility for health and safety in the workplace rests with the employer and the employee.

What is Hallmark of nursing responsibility and accountability?

Health, being a fundamental right of every individual.

Do girls take more responsibility than boys which leads to more health?

There is no evidence to suggest that girls inherently take on more responsibility than boys; responsibility and health outcomes can vary greatly among individuals regardless of gender. Health is influenced by a combination of factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, access to healthcare, and social determinants of health. It's important to approach health promotion and responsibility as individual attributes rather than gender-based assumptions.

Where can I find good cheap individual health insurance online? has individual health insurance options.

Discuss whether or not health is solely an individual's responsibility and how the principles of diversity and social justice support your view?

Ultimately our own health is our responsibility, or would you prefer to have that taken away? We are all Human beings whose principles and Justice do they belong to?

What is social responsibility and what does it have to do with being a good citizen?

social responsibility is the duty that every individual has to perform. a good citizen of a country will always be responsible for the growth of the country in economy etc.

. Off-duty risk decisions are?

The responsibility of the individual Soldiers

Methods of supporting individuals to understand and take responsibility for promoting their own health and care?

In order for them to understand and take responsibility for promoting their own health and care is making them aware how dirt they are and how good it is to have a shower and be clean.

Is a child's health the responsibility of a school?

A child's health is only in the responsibility of a school if he/she is on campus or in school session.

How you take responsibility for your own health or disease?

If you want good health have 8 to 10 hours of sleep and at least 8 cups of water each day