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In order for them to understand and take responsibility for promoting their own health and care is making them aware how dirt they are and how good it is to have a shower and be clean.

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Q: Methods of supporting individuals to understand and take responsibility for promoting their own health and care?
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What is promoting and supporting individuals right to dignity independence choice and safety in care value base?

The act of promoting and supporting individuals right to dignity independence choice and safety in care value base is due to the rights of consumers.

How is Promoting individuals from abuse in health and socail care?

promoting individuals from abuse

How is the US promoting self responsibility for health?

It isn't

What is the opposite of promoting?

The opposite of actively promoting (supporting, advertising) would be not promoting. The opposite activity, however, could be opposing, hindering, or disparaging. The opposite of promoting (advancing) would be demoting.

What does it mean Promoting and supporting individual rights?

it means they make there own desicons

What is tendentious?

Supporting a particular cause or promoting a particular point of view, sometimes vehemently.

How did the fourteen points seek to change the world?

by prooting openness, encouraging indepedence, and supporting freedom

What is the care value base in health and social care?

The care value base are a set of rules and guidelines that every care practitioner has to follow in order to provide services to their clients. The seven principles are: - Promoting anti-discriminatory practice - Maintaining confidentiality of information - Promoting and supporting individuals right to dignity, independence and safety - Acknowledging people's personal beliefs and identities - Protecting individuals from abuse - Providing effective communication and relationships - Providing individualized care.

Promoting And supporting Individuals 'rights?

I think they have the right to be treated with dignity which may mean ensuring the door is closed to protect their privacy, they are given some personal space when their families visit, there opinions are asked for, and when possible they are allowed to assist in the direction and choices of care.

Describe the role of relationship and support networks in promoting the well being of individuals?

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How would you support an individual to question or challenge decisions concerning them that are made by others?

By promoting wellbeing- the importance of individual identity and self-esteem- the links between identity, self-image and self-esteem, is the individuals, feelings, and the importance of privacy and maintaining there dignity and supporting individuals, is working in partnership to achieve goals and makeing them feel good in them selves

What of following individuals is promoting the idea of nationalism?

You need to answer this question because we don’t have the list of individuals nor do we do homework. Your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills.

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