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when a girls plays with a guys ear it usually means they are in love. women show affections in some ways that men don't. men do this to. so sometime when you find yourself playing with a loved one such as a significant others ear, stop yourself and think, what are your emotions at the time? do you feel in love/loved? i rub my significant others ear to show her i love her and i am in the moment. Although some people just like to play with ears, when someone is playing with an-others ear and not really thinking about it, it is in fact a sign of love and romance.


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Q: Girl plays with boys ear what doe's it mean?
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They want to see your ear. They will look at it, examine it, and see if your ear is worth it. If they deem your ear worthy, they bite it off and eat it for dinner.

What does it mean with guys play with a girl's ear?

that he likes you or hes really wierd

What does it mean when a girl blows behind a guys ear?

She is trying to get special attention.

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This means that the child won't listen unless beaten.

What does it mean when a girl puts her finger in your ear?

For a girl to blow in a guy's ear, it usually means they're trying to slowly edge him on. If a girl does do this to you, she normally wants you to get closer or kiss her. If you can tell that she likes you then make your move......GO GET HER

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