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I hope I can help someone! It's taken me four years and thousands of hours to find an answer. (or at least an explanation that fits my symptoms including light headedness and sudden dry mouth!) Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to treat the problem other than avoid the triggers. It has to do with reactions to fungi. This includes the known toxic black mold and hundreds of other fungi not specified or identified or tested. VOC is chemical byproduct of the fungi feeding on organic material. It is not an "allergen" per se, as it doesn't produce histamines. Rather, the VOC's irritate the muccous membranes causing diverse symptoms such as sudden dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, disorientation, skin crawling, eyes burning, involuntary breath holding. The lightheadedness and disorientation can get so bad, you can't function! It does NOT cause sneezing or runny nose or any other "typical" allergy symptom. If you feel symptoms when humidity suddenly rises, that can be a sign. Indoors, any environment that is humid, even a supposedly "dry" basement can cause symptoms as can unseen (and undetectable) fungi in carpets, walls, sofas, etc. It's insidious as there's no way to predict or protect except by experience. For example, at a local mall, I learned that there is one store only which causes symptoms every time I go there. Obviously, I don't step in that store any more. Since there's no obvious allergy symptoms and you won't respond to allergy tests (I saw allergists in four states and had dozens of skin tests with no response), your doctors may insist its stress or a psychological symptom----don't believe it! You know how you feel. It is a physical response, but the only way it can be diagnosed is for you to take careful notes of symptoms and all the relevant conditions. If it is an indoor problem, you should feel better after you leave the area. If its humidity, just keep the dehumidifier on. I have four running in my house from May-November and am going to move to a dry climate. Also, apparently unrelated (or undocumented as of yet) I have in my notes seen that excessive amounts of preservatives in some foods trigger the same symptoms. Again, it took years of notes to determine this, since the reaction to foods is NEVER immediate------usually 15 minutes or so after I've eaten. Hope this helps. I haven't registered at the website, but I will check it for responses.

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Q: Feeling light headed and dry mouth comes all of a sudden?
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