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Q: Fats are made of an alcohol called?
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What are fats made of an alcohol called what?


Fats are made of an alcohol called what?


What are the three chains that have fats made of an alcohol?


Unsaturated fats are an excellent source of proteins?

Absolutely not! Unsaturated fats (also called lipids) are those fats which are liquid at room temperature. In other words they are oils. Fats are made up of an alcohol (glycerol) and one or more hydrocarbon tails. Proteins are made up of amino acids which have nitrogen and other properties that fats don't have. So basically they are two different things, so you cannot get proteins from fats.

What is the alcohol in fats?

Glycerol, a triol, is a component of dietary fats and oils.

Why are fats esters?

Organic acids react with alcohols to form an ester and water. Fats are made up of 3 molecules of carboxylic acids (organic acid) and 1 molecule of glycerol (alcohol). So fats are esters.

What is the alcohol found in a triglyceride?

There is no alcohol in a triglyceride, but one is produced when it is hydrolysed. This alcohol is glycerol.

Compounds made of hydrogen and carbon?

Hydrocarbons. Commonly called fats and oils.

What is a a three carbon alcohol found in fats?


What do fats dissolve in?

Non-polar liquids (like alcohol).

What smaller units make up fats?

The smaller units that make up fats are called TRIGLYCERIDE

Can alcohol mix more easily with fat than water?

no alcohol can not mix more easily with fats than water. this happens because in water- alcohol mixing hydrogen bonding is involved which mixes water readily with alcohol....while during fats- alcohol mixing there is no involvement of hydrogen bonding or any other stronger bonding due to oxidation which causes fats to lose its effective number of hydrogen.