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Q: Does the tolerable upper intake exceed the RDA by at least 5 times?
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How many times should normal person urinate daily?

Urinary output is dependent on many factors, such as intake, age, health conditions In a normal, healthy adult, your body should pretty much match its output with its intake. That is, what goes in, should come out in pretty much the same volume.

What happens if iron levels are too high?

The intestine regulates iron absorption to meet the body's needs. Iron overload is rare in the absence of hereditary iron storage disease. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for healthy adults is 45 mg/day. There may be times when a physician prescribes an intake higher than the upper limit to treat iron deficiency anemia.

How do you lose 44kg?

It is going to take a lot of hard work in order to lose this much weight. You will to decrease your calorie intake and exercise at least 3 times a week.

How many calories should a 15 year old who is 5'6 and plays soccer 3 times a week?

A fifteen year old boy is at a prime age where his caloric intake should exceed 10,000 calories per day, however, given the child has soccer 3 times per week perhaps his intake should be in the 12-14,000 calories/day. I hope this has helped and tell your son good luck this season!

What is a supersonic aircraft?

Supersonic aircraft are those that can exceed the sound barrier. I.e. Concorde was capable of this. Any craft that can exceed 1 to 5 times the speed of sound falls in this category.

If you are trying to lose weight should you work out every day?

At least three times a day. You should also consider reducing your calorie intake so you can burn the calories along with the fat stored in your body.

Can the combined weight exceed the GVW?

gvw means GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT. so no the combined weight cannot,or rather should not exceed gvw and if you do exceed the gvw,and get weighed,there are heavy fines and a lot of times vehicle is not allowed to be moved until excess weight is removed

The average American wage exceed the average Mexican wage by how many times?

From 2.5 to 3.5 times, depending on factors such as position and location where it is performed.

Where does a turbo 350 vac line hook on intake?

There should be a vacuum port on the back of the intake, behind the carburetor. It has to have vacuum on it at all times.

How can you lose 5 lbs in one week?

You can lose 5 pounds in one week by committing to a low calorie diet and exercising for at least 5 times a week. Your calorie intake should not fall below 1200 calories daily.

What determines the nuclear stability of an isotope?

To be an isotope stable, the number of neutrons should not exceed 1.5 times than protons.

What American sport is the most particpated in by Americans?

For children, soccer.Basketball or Baseball___________________________In 2007, the United States Census Bureau sent a questionaire to 10,000 US households asking the head of household and up to three other members of the household of at least seven years of age to provide their ages and to indicate in which sports they participated at least once during 2007.Here are the top ten responses from everyone who participated in the survey:Exercise Walking (at least six times during 2007)Exercising with Equipment (at least six times)Swimming (at least six times)Camping (overnight)Bowling (the highest ranked competitive sport)Bicycling (at least six times)Fishing (with a net)Working Out At a ClubWeightliftingPower BoatingThese are the top ten responses from males:Exercise Walking (at least six times during 2007)Exercising with Equipment (at least six times)Camping (overnight)Swimming (at least six times)Fishing (with a net)Bowling (the highest ranked competitive sport)WeightliftingFresh Water FishingBicycling (at least six times)Power BoatingThese are the top ten responses from females:Exercise Walking (at least six times during 2007)Swimming (at least six times)Exercising with Equipment (at least six times)Camping (overnight)Bowling (the highest ranked competitive sport)Aerobic Exercising (at least six times)Working Out At a ClubBicycling (at least six times)Running/Jogging (at least six times)HikingThese are the top ten responses from participants aged 7 to 17:Swimming (at least six times during 2007)Bicycling (at least six times)Bowling (the highest ranked competitive sport)BasketballCamping (overnight)Exercise Walking (at least six times)Soccer (World Football)Scooter RidingSkateboardingRunning/Jogging (at least six times)