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normally not that could just mean he's saying hello in a friendly way, or he might dig you and maybe wants to check you oout.

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Q: Does the guy you like like you if he smiles back after you smile at him when you never smiled at each other before?
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Why does the guy you like stare at you till you look and say hi to you and smile at you after you said hi and smiled at him in which both of you had never smiled at each other when saying hi before?

That means either your both are being friendly or you like each other.

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Hey At this party you looked at a cute guy and your eyes met you smiled and he smiled back and you kept the contact for some time just smiling at each other you never talked befor what does it mean?

Usually this knid of behaviour means that you are interestred in each other in some way. You've got the hots for him, so go with it!

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How can you tell if the guy you like likes you back but you have never talked to each other before?

If you look him in the eye and smile and he smiles back then he likes you. But you might want to smile more than once so he's sure you like him and it's not just an accident or something.

What does it mean when your crush smiles at you?

A smile from your crush could potentially indicate that they are happy to see you and may have positive feelings towards you. However, it's important to consider other cues and interactions to determine their true feelings.

What do you do if a guy talks to you and smiles at you?

Just because a Guy talks and smiles at you doesn't mean he likes you. Boys do it to other boys too and they're just friends.

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U and ashy guy have liked each other for a few weeks never talked just smiled but u just dont like him anymore and it seems like u led him on so how do you let him know without hurting him?

u stop smiling at him

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What if a guy smiles at you and you smile back and your smiling at each other for at least one minute does the guy like you?

Unfortunately, you may never know until you ask. I agree either that or u kin try to keep smiling and hope for the best

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