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Unfortunately, you may never know until you ask.

I agree either that or u kin try to keep smiling and hope for the best

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Q: What if a guy smiles at you and you smile back and your smiling at each other for at least one minute does the guy like you?
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How do you smile sexily?

just smile! use your eyes while you're smiling to be sexy. Look at him straight on while you're smiling so they know it's intended for them. p.s. closed mouth smiles are best for this. the other way looks too cheesey and like how you'd smile with your friends.

If a girl always look at you smiles at you touches you and laughs with you a lot does it mean she likes you?

Of course she does! Other wise she wouldn't be making the effort! And if she is smiling at you and touching you and laughs all the time she obviously wants you to like her too!

What animal smiles at older males of its species?

Many animals can make their mouths move in a manner that can resemble human smiling, but smiling to express the emotion of happiness is something that is unique to humans and perhaps other primates.

If you ask your boyfriend a question and hes smiles while answering does this mean hes lying?

not exactly, but depends, if theres other movement around you its possible that he was smiling at something else, but if u 2 alone, then there not 100% yes, or no, he could just be a happy person. but smiling could mean hes lying, but that's also a stereotype.

Zinkoff knows that - do not like to be alone?

Zinkoff knows that smiles didn't like to be alone so he smiles to join the other smiles above him

Smiling is an important social behavior in infants because it?

Smiling is an important social behaviour in humans, from infancy onwards, because it is the primary body-language method of showing other humans we are friendly, mean no harm, and - especially in infants - like the person they're smiling at. When a person smiles at you, your first instinct is to smile back, and to feel liking for them and empathy with them. So when a human at a vulnerable stage of development, or in a vulnerable situation, smiles at another human, the other person is encouraged to behave kindly and supportively towards them. In this way, smiling is primary survival behaviour. Our body language is also important when relating to non-humans. When we, for example, smile instinctively or deliberately at an animal, other positive and friendly body-language also comes automatically into play. An animal which may have a tendency to take fright, or to be aggressive, is soothed; this effect is very obvious in our interaction with dogs, but is also effective with less intelligent species: as between humans, it frequently isn't the smile alone, but its associated body-language which reassures. Touch, of the positive sort, is an extension of the body-language involved in smiling, and reinforces the effect.

How do you say smiling in other languages?

i know it in japanese its waratteiru

Why do guys act like they hate you but they cant stop looking at you and smiling like if you start looking at him you both can't stop looking at each other and smiling?

they act like that to not make it obvious that they like you.. and if you smile and look back then the cycle is going to go on with each other smiling and looking at each other.

What do you do if a guy talks to you and smiles at you?

Just because a Guy talks and smiles at you doesn't mean he likes you. Boys do it to other boys too and they're just friends.

How many bones are used for smiling?

What bones move when you smile? No bones at all move! Your spirit moves your mouth and your future ghost moves all other parts of your body. The spirit knows how to show emotions so it can smile for you! The future self knows what you have done so it knows what the rest of your face looks like when it smiles! So, no bones move!

Does a girl like you if she hits on you gently when you pass each other and smiles at you after she hits on you?

Well, it at least means she likes you and that's a start. Start talking to her and see if you can't become friends and go from there. Good luck Marcy

What is the theme of smiles to go?

I think friendship because they are all always there for each other