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Second hand smoke will definitly affect your child, regardless of age. Childerens' lungs are under developed compared to adults, so it will worse for the child. If you DO smoke around your child, STOP. If not, you will be charged with indangerment to a chiild, and you will go to jail

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Q: Does second hand marijuana smoke cause a small child of age 2 be addicted and cause health problems?
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Can kids get addicted to smoking illegal drugs through second hand smoke?

if your talking about marijuana then no, it is not an addictive substance

What does Smoking cigarettes increases your chances of having?

smoking increases the risk of cancer, you will get addicted . you will get different problems . smoking is bad for your health . HEALTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is second hand smoke from marijuana bad for people who already have lung disease?

No, there are no known side affects from marijuana. Its nothing like cigarette smoke. And no long term health problems have been proven orfound in scientific studies. Perfectly safe. But illegal.

Why is marijuana second hand smoke less harm full than cigarette second hand smoke?

Because it is weed, and weed is good for your health.

What health problems does secondhand smoking cause?

Second hand smoke causes many health problems. This includes asthma, skin diseases, lung problems and much more in the people exposed.

Which was not a result of the baby boom that followed world war ii answers APEX?

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How does marijuana affect the health of other people around you or near them?

Smoke of any kind can trigger asthmatic attacks in those susceptible, and cause other respiratory related problems. There is no intoxication from second hand marijuana smoke, with the debatable exception of someone being in a very small closed in space that's thick with smoke. Even then there is very little chance of someone testing positive from second hand smoke, especially with thresholds present in common drug screening processes.

Can second hand smoke from marijuana cause munchies?

Depending on the potency of the marijuana and the consistency of the second hand smoke, it is possible though.

How does marijuana affect abusers girlfriends?

What a stupid question... Leave the loser if you can't stand it. Other than obvious second-hand smoke harm, it does not affect your health.

What does maryjujuwana mean?

First of all its spelled: Marijuana. Second, marijuana is a drug. Dont ever use it!

Will you fail a urine test being around second marijuana?

Not unless you were around first marijuana too.

Can the effects of smoking weed lessen or better people with depression?

First of all; Marijuana is illegal and you should be using the substance anyway. And second of all drugs is NOT a way to deal with problems.