Does ranma end up with akane?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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It shows that they kiss three times. But they never actually kiss. How? Because this is the first kiss, Ranma is in his cat state and doesn't remember anything. And he kisses Akane. Second kiss is when Ranma and Akane play Romeo and Juliet. And Ranma has to kiss Akane, he does but before he did Akane put duck tape between their lips. And the third one was just an imagination when Ranma was going to apologize for what happened to Akane when she broke her leg, and she took it the wrong way. And Ranma and Akane kiss in the dark. So techinicly they never kiss, I know its disapointing. :(

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Q: Does ranma end up with akane?
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Who did ranma saotome get married to?

Nope. Ranma and Akane are really the ones who are suppose to be married. In the Manga, Ranma and Akane attempt to get married be it end up in a disaster so they decide to get married later, and that's where the series ends. All and all, Shampoo does NOT marry Ranma.

What episode did Akane almost die and Ranma told he loves her?

final chapter Ranma & Akane

Who is ranma in love with?


What episodes do ranma save akane?

There's a lot of episodes where Ranma saves Akane, anything specific that you mean? =).

Do ranma and akane ever get maride?

No, though they do come pretty close to it at the end of the manga.

Do ranma and shampoo get married?

No, Ranma and Akane never 'officially' get married, but the closest they come to is in the last volume of the manga when they do get ready to do so :). The manga brings more closure with the two characters than the Anime did, so I suggest to read it because of Ranma's final HUGE love confession in the last volume :).

How old is ranma?

Ranma is 16 years old. It starts out with Akane and Ranma being 16, Nabiki is 17, and Kasumi is 19. Though no birthday's are celebrated or it's not clearly stated, in an Anime episode Akane does mentions that a year had gone by since Ranma and his dad came to the Tendo Dojo. So gradually by the end of the manga I would say the cast grew up by two years.

Do ranma and akane kiss?

yes they did

Does ranma and akane get married?

They come so close but stupid Happosai messes it up!

When is Ranma in Akane's room?

Ranma has been in Akane's room many times like in the episode "Ryoga's Tendo dojo House guest diary" and in the episode when ranma becomes effeminate, but i especially liked the episode "ukyo's secret sauce part 1 and 2" because that was the best episode where ranma and akane had to be together in one room :) i wont spoil but that episode cracked me up (okay I'll spoil a little) because akane mistook ranma for pchan in a dream and hugged him, hahaha :D

Who stays with ranma?

Through the series you know it's always going to be Ranma and Akane =].

does the ranma anime cover the battle for mount pheonix when ranma confesses his love to akane?