Does marijuana make pkd worse

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Does marijuana make pkd worse
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Does marijuana make an asmatics lungs worse?


When was Vintage PKD created?

Vintage PKD was created in 2006.

How many pages does Vintage PKD have?

Vintage PKD has 189 pages.

Can you smoke marijuana if you have a gum infection?

No it will make your infection worse, and besides it is illegal you know, or (at least I hope)

What is the ISBN of Vintage PKD?

The ISBN of Vintage PKD is 1-4000-9607-3.

How is PKD measured?

A diagnosis of PKD can be made by measuring the amount of pyruvate kinase in red blood cells.

Can marijuana make you dizzy?

It can reduce blood pressure which can make you dizzy. As it also heightens the senses, when you get dizzy and then focus on it, the effect of the powerful mind can then make it feel worse.

Can autistic children be healed by marijuana?

No, Autistic children are not damaged so they do not need to be healed. Marijuana can help with Autism symptoms such as anxiety, but equally in some Autistic children it can make problems worse.

Is marijuana smoke worse than cigarette smoke?


What is the market cap for Parker Drilling Company PKD?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Parker Drilling Company (PKD) is $765,579,418.88.

What is worse smoking pot or snorting cocaine?

Snorting cocaine is significantly worse than smoking marijuana. If you do your research smoking marijuana over the age of 25 causes very little harm.

Who wants to legalize marijuana?

Me. and other people who think it's ridiculous how tobacco is a lot worse for your health than marijuana is.