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No it dont it makes you feel amazing and thn you smoke a menthol right after and it maks your buzz ten times better!SMOKE POT

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Q: Does marijuana effect the lungs similar to cigarettes?
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Can marijuana effect your lungs?

Yes. anything you smoke or inhale can infect your lungs.

What is better to smoke cigarettes or marijuana?

A national study suggests that low to moderate use of marijuana is less harmful to users' lungs than exposure to tobacco.

How does cigarettes affect the lungs?

does a cigarettes affect the lungs \

What is more damaging cigarettes or marijuana?

Marijuana is harder on your lungs, but given time, you can get lung cancer from both. Cigarettes are legal, Marijuana is usually not. From a health perspective Cigarettes have more known and proven health concerns than Marijuana.

How does marijuana effect the organ system?

Marijuana alone has no effect on your body, but smoking anything is bad for your lungs (respiratory system) and kills brain cells (nervous system)

What is the worst way marijuana can harm you?

It can have the same effects of cigarettes, you are still inhaling toxins into your lungs. Though marijuana is not nearly as harmful as cigarettes that is probably the worst way it can physically harm you. Unless you get so high and try to drive a car and get in a wreck... your motor functions are never very good when smoking marijuana.

What is the major health risk in using marijuana?

The chief legitimate concern is the effect of smoking on the lungs

Is smoking weed bad for your lumgs?

Inhaling smoke from anything is bad for your lungs and kills brain cells, whether it be from cigarettes, marijuana, or your bbq grill.

What do cigaerttes do to lungs?

what do cigarettes do to your lungs ? by khiana

What is the difference between the cigrate smoking and marajuana?

cigarettes use tobacco which is horrible for your lungs,teeth,mouth and it only gives u a head rush, marijuana gives you the best feeling ever and it is bad for your memory, and lungs (not as bad for your lungs as tobacco)

What are the contains of cigarettes and its effect on your respiratory system?

Cigarettes contain many harmful ingredients like Tar, Arsenic (which is a poison), Nicotine (this is what makes you addicted to the cigarette) etc. The effect to the respiratory system varies from how much and the period of time you have been smoking. The damage to the respiratory system is the Alvoli in your lungs (Look like little sacs in your lungs) die and your lungs go black from the tar in the cigarette.

How does tar in cigarettes get on your lungs?

your lungs. quit smoking.. very bad for you.