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Even though some women can ovulate slower or faster than others, the normal count between periods is to count 28 days from the day you BEGIN a period.

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Q: Does it count every 28 days after you end your period?
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How many days after your period end will it come back?

We don't know how long your period lasted. If you have a period every 28 days, your next period will start two days earlier than the one you just had. If you had a period on the 12th, your next one will come on the 10th.

When does the mateing period for dogs begin and end?

The mating period for dogs typically starts when the female is in heat, which occurs every six to twelve months, and lasts around 2-4 weeks. The female is usually most fertile around the tenth day of her heat cycle. It's advisable to seek advice from a veterinarian if you are considering breeding your dogs.

How do you know your period is due?

Count 28 days from the day that you started last month. It is ok for you to be a day or 2 late every few months. Also the breast get sore, face breaks out, swolen stomic, some foods make you not want to eat at all.count 28 days or so, from your last periodYour menstrual cycle ranges from 3- 8 days. You can count from the beginning of your cycle to the end it will equal 28 days

How do you keep record of your menstrual period?

What I do is have a calendar on my wall and check off all days that I am on my period. i.e., I start on Monday and end on Saturday, I check all those days off. Then you can count the weeks forward to approximate when your next one should come.

How many times do you get your period?

The average woman gets her period once a month and on average it continues for a length of 5 days. If you are wanting to know when your next period is due you need to count 28 days from the first day of your last period and the date you end up on is the date that your period will come on average...Many people have different menstrual cycles meaning their period may come every 30 days or something like that... in fact, some women's period never has a regular pattern and they just have to judge it on how they are feeling.

Does your period start 28 days from when you end or when you start?

from when you end

Count ovulation day from first day or after period end?

Ovulation occurs 14 days BEFORE your period. Unless you use fertility awareness method you can't know when you are fertile or ovulating, guessing fertile days like this is unreliable and if trying to avoid pregnancy it will fail.

When does girls period end?

5 to 7 days.

When can you get pregnant when your last period was end of march?

You can get pregnant any time you have sex regardless of when your period was. To find the most likely time when you will get pregnant count back 14 days from the first day of your last period. One month from that day is the most likely time to get pregnant.

If your period starts at the end of a month and goes into the start of the next month does that mean your next period will come at the start of the next month?

no it is every 28 days not months..look on the internet if you're still unsure

What day of the week are there the most of?

There are always one day of each week every week. In a certain time period there may be one more of certain days than others, however without knowing the start and end of the period I cannot know which days there will be most of

What ages do you start your pierod if you are already 11?

your period can begin at the age of 9 or 10. but every girl is different. some girls might get their period at age 11,12,13,or even 14. your period will last up to 3-7 days. your period will end at the age of 50.