Does constipation make you fat

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Extreme constipation can cause the stomach to bloat and distend.

In the vast majority of cases it is the other way around. The poor diet leading to obesity as well as the obesity itself makes you constipated.

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Q: Does constipation make you fat
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Does constipation make you feel sick?

Constipation doesn't exactly make you feel sick. Constipation is just when your stomach doesn't agree with what you had and starts working up something that makes you feel constipated. So, constipation doesn't make you feel sick. IT just depends on how constipated you are.

What diseases effect the skeletal system?

cancer and constipation. and FAT people

Does fiber make constipation worse?


What diseases are caused by lack of fat and oil?

Health will run down ,dry skin and constipation follows.

Does water make you constipated?

No, it helps to prevent constipation.

Does cranberry juice help with constipation?

Cranberry will probably help constipation however it isn't commonly recommended. Diet needs to change for constipation to stop. It can make you really sick and can lead to colon cancer.

Which constipation symptoms are normal?

The proper treatment for constipation is to try to take a lot of fiber to encourage proper bowel movements. It is important to try stool softeners and fiber, and to avoid pain medications, which can make constipation worse.

Do panic attacks make you constipated?

No panic attacks do not cause constipation.

How do you prevent a constipation?

Make sure your diet has a good amount of fibre in it.

Do caro syrup make you lose a baby?

No but it can help with constipation apparently.

What kind of diet for a dog can cause constipation?

A diet that can cause constipation would be one that lacks a lot of fluid intake, low fiber intake, and high carbohydrate and fat intake. This makes it very difficult for food waste to leave the body.

How do you make a common worm fat?

make them fat