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If you are under the age of consent or of legal adulthood, he may be obliged to tell them. However if you ask them about it, they may be able to tell you whether it is necessary or if you can ask them not to.

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Q: Does a obgyn tell your parents if you are sexually active?
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What do you do if your parents find out you are a very sexually active with many men?

You tell them the truth... nothing else to do

How can you tell if someone is not sexually active?

You generally can't. There aren't any visible signs of being sexually active or not being sexually active, unless you see them in the act.

Can you tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test?

It is possible to tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test. This will be done in addition to other clinical tests so as to be certain.

How can you tell if a girl is sexually active?

Unless she is pregnant, or you are her sex partner, you will have to ask.ask her

How do i tell my mum i am sexually active I'm a boy?

Is perfectly OK to confine in your mom that you are sexually active, the best she can do is to take you to a doctor. You don't want to fool around in catch any viruses.

If you are a teen how can you tell your parents that you are pregnant?

Ok so... Its hard to do but its for the best, and its also easier if your parents know you are already sexually active. Be calm make sure that you make your parents as comfortable as possible. Just dont beat around the bush... come out with it and show that you are strong and mature!

If you are sexually active under 18 and you went to the gynecologist could the gynecologist know that you are sexually active and then tell your guardian?

Yes the Dr. can tell if you are active and there is a privacy law about telling your parents.If you dont want them to know tell your Dr. At 18 you are no longer considered a minor and the privacy act would not allow the doctor to tell your guardian. You don't have to say a thing because you are an adult now.

What do you tell a boy who asks about being sexual?

well tell him what you feel, if you dont want to be sexually active tell him, if your not ready then tell him, but if you do then tell him, you just have to be honest and hopefully he will understand

How do you know if a women is sexually active?

You can usually tell when a women is sexually active because of their behaviour. they seem happier but more secretive and not normal.

Is it okay to not tell your parents you are sexually active?

That is fine so long as you a practicing safe sex and are prepared to take care of any possible consequences yourself such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Pregnancy. Are you prepared to have a baby come into this world whom you must find the money to support? yes. you should tell your parents immediately. it is very important. You are between a rock and a hard place. You feel your parents will become upset if you are honest, and you may be forced out of the relationship. Hiding will be difficult now that you have opened up, so that's more tension on you both. Be truthful to yourself. If you tell or not, you will probably continue to have sex. What do you think?

Will my OB doctor tell my parents that i am sexually active?

If you're seeing an obstetrician (OB doctor) logic dictates that you're pregnant and the doctor won't have to tell your parents because time will.(If you mean an Ob/Gyn,and you are seeing the doctor in their capacity as gynecologist, of course then it does not necessarily follow that you are pregnant.)Depending on your age and what state you live in, most likely the doctor is not allowed to tell your parents whether you are sexually active. This is to promote trust between patient and doctor, without which useful medical care is unlikely.If in doubt of local laws, call the doctor's office and ask what their policy is. If you are worried about anonymity, you might either call a different doctor's office to ask or look up the number of a local Planned Parenthood clinic and ask them.

Is it normal for an active 14 yr old boy to have an irregular heartbeat?

No, it is not. Tell your parents about this. They should get a doctor's appointment and then you can tell your doctor about this.