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it depends on your relationship with him if you are more of Friends with him probably not he probably want your advice but if you aren't that close than he probably likes you

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Q: Does a guy like you if he talks about other girls around you like is he trying to get you jelous or something?
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How can you tell a guy is making you jealouse please no silly answers?

u know when he is trying to make u jelous when he is hanging out with other girls and keeps looking at u 2 make sure that u r looking and when he talks 2 u (if he does idk) if he mentions him doing stuff with other girls. Then u know that he is trying to make u jelous. I hope i helped! :)

Why do boys make girls jelous?

Well I think that a boy makes a girl jelous because they want a girl. So if the boy you like is making you jelous he likes you or he is just anoying you.

Is babydoll from omg girlz dating?

yes rayray goes out with beauty to,omg i know other girls r jelous but to all u girls that is jelous of that u will find ua man

Why do girls get jelous?

Because girls rule and we feel as if everything should be ours which it cant but it has decreased by 33%

Why do girls get jelous about girls touching their BF?

The same reason boys get jealous about guys touching their girlfriend. Sexual jealousy.

Why do guys get wound up when girls talk about Justin bieber and hot celeb guys?

Because they are jelous, they want the girls to fancy them not 'stupid' Justin or anyone else. if you fancy jb or anyone else just ignore the boys there just jelous :)

Why does your boyfriend put his arm around other girls when im there is it for your attention or to annoy me cos he likes tht girl?

possibly being friendly or maybe to get u a little jelous

What do guys do after breaking up with their girlfriends?

They actually go out with new girls to make their ex jelous..

Why do your girl look at you weird when you talk to another girl?

Because she is either jelous or hates that other girl. Girls can be protective of their boyfriends, and a result of that could be they eye you when you talk to other girls around them. To a lesser degree, they could just be analyzing how you treat other girls in comparison to them.

Does jealous show affection for each other?

not really... usually girls hate it when other guys get jelous over something that is usually so stupid. my oldl bf got mad when i hung out with my best friend n then we ended up breaking up over it because he got jelous! after datin for a year, i guess he didnt trust me.

What does it mean when boys follow girls around the block?

They could be trying to get with you, or they could be stalking you.

Why do guys use some girls and actually want to be with another girl?

Because they think that by the girl they like seeing them with another guy, will make the other girl jelous is some cases it does. I'm sure you have considered trying to make the guy you like jelous by talkin about another guy, its just whether or not it works, its not nice being used, so make sure that their heart is init before you fall to deeply for them :) x