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No, Sonic the Hedgehog likes his friends that care about him, though Knuckles has a small crush on Rouge the Bat.

Yes! It has been confirmed that Shadow does like Rouge! Think about it Shadow is always there for Rouge when shes in trouble. If he hated her he would not do anything!

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Shadow is indifferent to Rouge.

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Q: Does Shadow the Hedgehog like Rouge the Bat?
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What would the son of Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat look like?

Like a hybrid between a bat and a hedgehog.

Who is shadow the hedgehog's partner?

Rouge the Bat.

Does Shadow and Rouge make a good couple?

Of Course! In my opinion, they do! Rouge The Bat and Shadow The Hedgehog... They make a well couple, Rouge is a white bat, and Shadow is a black hedgehog. Now whoever is reading this, DO NOT TAKE THIS RACIST! THIS IS NOT RACISM! Thank you for understanding!!

Does shadow the hedgehog care for rouge the bat?

Yes, in a sense, Shadow does care for Rouge. He may not love her, but he certainly does care for her.

Does Shadow the Hedgehog have a romantic relationship with Rouge the Bat?

No, Shadow doesn't have a romantic relationship with anyone.

Dose Shadow the Hedgehog like Rouge the Bat?

They are friends and allies, so they do like each other to a certain degree.

Should Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat be a couple?

Especially yes their perfect

Who loves Shadow the Hedgehog?

Rouge The Bat. She wish she can been shadow and trying her best to get shadow to love and taking her a long time and hard to get shadow to like you for a start and love is much harder so its rouge the bat who loves shadow

Is Rouge the Bat in love with Shadow the Hedgehog?

As of yet, Rouge has not been stated to have feelings for any character with the exception of her crush on Knuckles.

Does Rouge the Bat have a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog?

According to the Sonic 06 Official Guide Rouge has a crush on both Shadow and Knuckles, but this is yet to be confirmed by official sources.

Does Rouge the bat likes Shadow the hedgehog or Knuckles the echidna?

SEGA officialy rejected storyline of game Sonic the hedgehog 2006.Also they accepted that Rouge likes Knuckles.

Does rouge the bat likes shadow the hedgehog or knukles the echidna or sonic the hedgehog?

well its been confirmed she has a simple crush on knuckles while she has also developed feelings for shadow