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In the US you can get Emergency Contraception from a pharmacy without a prescription if you are 17 or older. 16 and under still needs a prescription.

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Q: Do you need to see a GP to get the contraceptive pill?
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How can you minimise the risks of contamination and infection?

Go and see a docter or a GP Go and see a docter or a GP Go and see a docter or a GP Go and see a docter or a GP

Will Oxytetracycline Tablets 250mg affect the use of Microgynon 30 as a contraceptive?

I've been told by the pharmacist that it will....better check with your GP...

What natural things can you use as the morning after pill?

i doubt anything will work as a substitute to the morning after pill, i suggest you go asap to your gp get a prescription for the mornign after pill or just go to your parmacy and get the morning after pill.

Would you need to see a doctor or a GP?

A "GP" is the abbreviation for "General Practitioner" or more commonly called "Family Physician". Thus, a "GP" is a doctor. There is a difference between "General Practitioners" and "Specialists". A GP can evaluate and arrange an appointment with a specialist, if one is needed.

What does it mean when your on depo and black blood comes out of your vagina?

that is not normal you need to see your GP if that happens

How do you know which contraceptive is right for you?

the way you know is you go to your GP and you ask them witch contraceptive is best for me or you con ring sex line on 0800 28 29 30 and they con help and that is free for that call and there is sex lines

Can you see an orthopedic Dr without a referral from your GP?

Depends on your insurance. HMOs need referrals, PPOs don't.

Why are all the pregnancy tests negative even though the period was due ten days ago changed the type of pill 5 weeks ago had unprotected sex and have pregnancy symptoms?

You could be experiencing some hormonal changes due to the change of contraceptive pill particularly if you have changed the strength of pill. However I would recommend that you see your GP to have a blood test done to confirm whether or not you are pregnant, home tests aren't always conclusive, it could also be that its too early to confirm with a home test. For example I tested 5 days then 10 days after my period was due to only get a negative result on both occasions and then found the following week with a HPT I was infact pregnant. Just for piece of mind head to your GP for some blood works.

Why are you coming on every other day?

are you sure your coming on your priod everyday? because if you are you need to see your gp or a doctor i mean im only 15 but i really am understanding and i give good advise and to be honest everyone is unique and people should except you for who you are but you need to see the doctor or gp because something could or is wrong

Things you cannot see?

Umm, if you mean you can't see things, you might need glasses. See your optician or GP. If you mean you are seeing things that you should not be seeing then.. er..SEE A DOCTOR. NOw.

Is there a free clinic where you can get the contraceptive implant removed?

Your local family planning office can tell you if you can have the contraceptive implant removed there or another nearby office at no charge.

Your ears have a lot of wax in them and you need to pop them?

by pop them i sujest you go see your local pharmisist or GP to get your ears cleaned and to get all the wax out