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No because all the blood inside you can turn evil and become a blood monster and eventually eat you. So no

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Q: Do you metabolize medication faster if you had gastricbypass?
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Can your body metabolize medicine?

Your body can definitely metabolize medicine. If it couldn't metabolize medicine, it would then render the medication useless as it would just pass through your body unabsorbed.

Will chewing a Lortab get you higher?

It won't get you higher, it will just get you high QUICKER. It will metabolize much faster, and your body will absorb it at a faster rate, therefore you will feel the effects much quicker. Be aware, this can cause an accidental overdose. That is why the warnings for the medication tell you not to chew or crush the pill.

Does a banana rot faster in the heat or cold?

A banana will rot faster in the heat. It will metabolize faster when its internal temperature is higher. This runs the same for avocados.

What is medication threshold?

The body has the ability to only metabolize a certain amount of any medication. The half life is the amount of time the body takes to eliminate half of the medication. For example Vancomyacin has a peak and a trough.....peak being the highest level of the drug an hour after the medication is infused. The trough is how much medication is left in your body approx 12-14 hours after the medication has been infused.

If you snort Ibuprofen will the effects of the medication be Faster and Stronger?


Does medication enter the bloodstream faster with carbonated water?


Why does my body metabolize pain medication differently from other people?

Many people metabolize pain and other medications differently. Some people are very sensitive to small amounts of drugs, while others need larger than normal doses for it to work. It has to do with your basic metabolism and how your system handles these drugs.

Is there any medication or something that you can conceive faster?

Sperm..lots and lots of sperm (or spunk).

Can you give a 1 year old cat in human years an aspirin?

No. Animals do not metabolize human medications in the same way that humans do. If you suspect your cat is ill, consult your veterinarian on proper care and medication.

Can water metabolize?


Why does medication in intravenous act faster than pills?

Because medication enters directly into the bloodstream through an IV but pills must dissolve before they can enter the bloodstream

What cannot metabolize nutrients?

An animal cannot metabolize nutrients.