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Q: Does medication enter the bloodstream faster with carbonated water?
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Why does medication in intravenous act faster than pills?

Because medication enters directly into the bloodstream through an IV but pills must dissolve before they can enter the bloodstream

Which route of administration allows a medication to enter the bloodstream directly?


How long for medication to enter bloodstream?

it takes about 5 mins if yuu smoke it in a joint, ingested is about 20 mins and vaporizing it takes about 5 mins

How does oxygen enter the bloodstream?

you breathe it in

Does alcohol enter your blood stream?

how does alcohol enter the bloodstream?

Which would allow vitamins to enter your bloodstream faster swallowing a pill or eating a chewable vitamin?

A chewable vitamin will dissolve and enter your blood more quickly if it is broken into smaller pieces by chewing.

How do drugs enter the bloodstream?

The squeeze thng

Do lipids enter the bloodstream after digestion?


Why does oxygen need to enter the bloodstream from the lungs?

Oxygen needs to enter the bloodstream so that the lungs can carry oxygen to all parts of the body

Where does carbon dioxide enter and leave the bloodstream?

Carbon dioxide enters the bloodstream at the systemic capillaries. It leaves the bloodstream at the alveolar capillaries.

What forms in the bloodstream when foreign substances enter it?

An embolus will form in the bloodstream when a foreign substance enters.

Why does drinking carbonated beverages lead to a higher intoxication of alcohol?

The carbonation helps the alcohol enter the body slightly faster, but it is the total amount of alcohol ingested that determines how drunk you get.

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