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It is seen as old fasioned to kneel down to give a ring these days. It was usually done when giving an engagement ring and a romantic way of doing it.

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Q: Do you kneel when you give a girl a promise ring?
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What is the UK age to give a girl a promise ring?


What age is it all right to give a girl a promise ring?

20yrs old. at the earliest

Is it bad to give my girlfriend a promise ring?

Not bad, but a promise ring isn't much and a little chicken. I don't know your age or how long you have dated, but if you are over 21 and have been with this girl 2 years or more a promise ring is poor form. If you are serious step up to the plate and give her more than a promise.

What is the ring called when you ask a girl out?

Promise ring

What is something creative to do when giving a girl a promise ring?

when you give a girl a promise ring,a good thing to do is to be romantic. Like putting 365 things you like about her in a jar so she can open one up every day.

Do boys give girls a promise ring these days?

It is very rare these days for a boy to give a girl a promise ring. They don't sell them in jewelry stores either, and they are very difficult to come across. Promise rings are very old school but do still exist.

It would be ok to give a girl a promise necklace rather than a promise ring?

Yes. Its perfectly okay. If she really loves you it shouldn't matter what you give her. She should be glad you thought of her.

Ways to give promise rings?

what are some different ways to give a guy a promise ring

Can you still give them a promise ring if your not together?


How should you give a promise ring?

You dont

How long is it before a promise ring is given?

You can give/get a promise ring whenever if you have known the person long enough.

Has a girl ever given a guy a promise ring?