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Generaly NO.

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Q: Do women like being told they have fantastic breasts?
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Why do some men want to grow breasts like women?

Why do some men want to grow breasts like women

Does harry styles like girls with big breasts or small breasts?

He likes curvy women

Do women like bending over to show their breasts?


Why don't both men and women have breasts like women?

Because men don't have to nurse babies. Women do. the milk comes from them!

Are you a lesbian if you like breasts?

No. You are a lesbian only if you are sexually attracted to other women.

Why are there breasts?

The female breasts exist to give milk to their babies. Since many men prefer women with big breasts, instead of small ones, many women try to increase the size of their breasts (within reason) to appeal to men. Most men do not like breasts that are too big.

What does having your breasts being fondled feel like?


Do guys like to admire large breasts?

Not every guy likes large breasts on females. Each male has their own likes with the female body. Some men may prefer women with small breasts while others may not like breasts at all.

Why do women like their breasts and buttocks in public?

Well, since our breasts and buttocks are part of our bodies, we have no choice about whether they go with us in public places.

What is the diffrence between man breasts and women breasts?

man boobs are when the man's breast keep growing until they look like female boobs.

What Does Maynard Keenan Like In women?

Maynard like woman of Asian decent. Woman who are fit. Women with ripe breasts. and has only been known to like one blonde.

Why do some men get breasts like women?

because they are soft and cuddly, and if we sometimes lick or bite the nipple females like it