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Yes, but not adequate.

It depends. We offer medical for free to foreign people in need... more so than we offer medical to the needy here in the US. In America we expect compensation for medical. Its the Hypocritical Oath that all capitalist doctors swear to.

Do you think that 1st world medical care coupled with 3rd world breeding habits could account for 3rd world over population rates?

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Q: Do third world countries have health care?
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What are the differences of Third World Countries to other successful countries in medical care and health management?

Third world countries are calle third world countries because they ar very poor. I am sure that the people would love to be able to provide their families with the medical care and health management that other countries have but they would simply not be able to afford it! Some charities raise money to give proper health care to third world countries such as India and Africa.

Why does the United States have the best health care?

The US does not have the best health care system in the world. It has the best emergency care system, but is poor in health care compared to other countries around the globe.

Does first world countries have the best health care system?

Canada does actually.

How can genetic engineering help third world countries?

This is a very broad question, any certain aspect you are referring to? Agriculture? Medicine/Health Care? This list could go on and on.

Why dont western countries give to third world countries?

They do give to Third World countries. Keep in mind the First World countries also have their own needs to take care of, and the corruption which runs rampant throughout most of the Third World has caused a good portion of the contributions made by the rest of the world to vanish and reappear as lavish homes occupied by the leaders of those Third World countries.

Sentence with scarce?

In many third world countries, food and medical care are quite scarce.

What are the effects of international planned parenthood federation on third world countries?

Pre-natal care for women, less babies dying, safe abortion for those who need it, sex education and birth control, health care for babies etc.

Did the end of the First World War have anything to do with countries not having important resources such as oil?

No it had to do with health care.

What counties do have a free health care?

There is not a single country on the planet that offers free health care (taxes are higher in these countries which is how health care can have the essence of being "free" when in reality it's not), what you mean to ask is what countries have socialized health care. All developed countries except the United States offer "free" (it's not really free...) health care.

How is Botswana's health care?

It is fairly rudimentary in this third world country (located just north of South Africa).

What countries have received the third world?

The "third world" is a reference to a nation's general state of being. It's a measure of their health care, technology, government, security, economy and many other factors.The "third world" is not something that is "given" to a country. It's more or less a characterization of that nation and is more a state of being than anything that can be given or taken away.

Why doesn't the first world care about the third world?

Your question is misleading. The US provides millions and millions of dollars in aid to third world countries. The flip side is why is the third world not working to protect it's benefactor instead of attacking.