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There is not a single country on the planet that offers free health care (taxes are higher in these countries which is how health care can have the essence of being "free" when in reality it's not), what you mean to ask is what countries have socialized health care. All developed countries except the United States offer "free" (it's not really free...) health care.

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Q: What counties do have a free health care?
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Why are Americans so against free health care?

Free? It is anything but free. Nothing is free. The people complaining about 'free health care' are the ones that will actually pay for it with their taxes, which will go up because of the additional burden. If you would inform yourself about the topic you will find there is nothing free about health care. You will be forced to PURCHASE insurance or be fined up to $4,800. Look at Great Britain, their "free" health care is consuming the economy.

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Move to canada

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Congress wins no matter what happens to the health care bill. They have free care... for life.

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No, right now Iraq has universal health care being funded by the American tax payers. So free for them not for us...

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Each government handles health care and the costs differently. It would help to know which government and health care programs that you are referencing.

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