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Q: Do people find you more attractive than you find yourself?
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Do people find you 20 percent more attractive than you find yourself?


How does an 6th grader become more attractive?

Be yourself

Is it normal to be turned on by fat women?

Every person finds different body types attractive. Although with the stereo types of fat people, most people who do find fat people attractive, hide it. I find fat women alot more attractive so YES it is normal

How can you make yourself more attractive to your husband if he won't sleep with you?

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What makes management an attractive position?

All you have to do is tell people what to do instead of doing the work yourself. It's easy, and it pays more.

How can a girl make her self more attractive?

Confidence and self esteem are the best ways to make yourself attractive to others. It shows through in your body language and personality at all timesThe most attractive girls I've known all have one thing in common - they are confident and comfortable in their own skin. It sounds to me like you might lack self-confidence. What you need to do is find your own personal style, and just go with it. Don't try to be like other people. Just learn to be comfortable with who you are, and I guarantee you will become more attractive to others. You will never be able to convince other people you are worth it unless you believe it yourself.

How do you make yourself more attractive to girls?

Eyes is the first people will notice. That's why its important for me to taken care my eyes by using an eye cream.

Do white women find black men very attractive?

Yes they find black men more attractive

Is the male of all species more attractive than the female?

Depends on your gender. if you're a female you'll find men more attractive then females. If you're male you'll find female more attractive then men. Unless you're a lesbian/gay. Then you'll find your gender to be most attractive.

Do overweight people find other overweight people attractive?

maybe. it may be because they feel more comfortable around people the same shape as they are.

Do girls find chubby but not fat boys more attractive than thin boys?

Girls like all kinds of guys, but don't let yourself go.

Is red hair unattractive?

It depends on the person to be attracted; however, many people find red hair to be attractive and sometimes more attractive than any other hair color.