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maybe. it may be because they feel more comfortable around people the same shape as they are.

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Q: Do overweight people find other overweight people attractive?
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Do average weight gay guys like heavy weight guys?

All people are different, so there are skinny, average, and overweight men who find overweight men attractive, but most are attracted to people who are fit.

Why can people be gay?

Because some men find other men attractive.. And some women find other women attractive.

Are beards attractive?

Yes. Some people find beards attractive.

How do you deal with a butt chin?

Many people find a chin with a dimple in it very attractive.

What did one magnet say to the other magnet?

it said i find you very attractive

Do guys find brunettes attractive?

It depends on the guys tastes, but there is definitely lots of people who find brunettes attractive.

Where are the men who like overweight girls?

There is someone out there for every one - find someone with common interests and have a confident easy manner and it shouldn't be a problem. It also depends on what you define as 'overweight' - contrary to popular belief most men don't like stick thin women. However, equally most men don't find massively overweight women attractive - the simple reason is what it says about you - whether it is accurate or not being extremely overweight is associated with low self-esteem, laziness and a lack of confidence none of which are attractive qualities.

What do men find most attractive about women?

There is no single thing that all men find attractive. It varies with different people.

What to say if someone is attractive but they don't find the other attractive?

Unfortunately, you would just tell them you're not as attractive to their type.

Why don't gay men find overweight men attractive?

That probably is not true, at least not the implication that there is some special or specific distaste for overweight men by gay men. Just as there are many straight men and women who prefer full figured people of the opposite gender, there are gay men and lesbians who have similar preferences.

Do people find you more attractive than you find yourself?


What did the magnet say to the other?

I find you very attractive