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women and men are equal

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2012-12-29 22:56:42
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Q: Do men or women like getting their feet massaged the most?
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Does Bella thorne like getting a foot massage?

Yes they feel nice and relaxing I heard that bella thorne likes to have her feet massaged

How do you get girl to give you a foot job?

Ask her. It's not a very delicate matter, and many women like their feet to be massaged and worshipped. Others may have yet to get over childhood training in covering or hiding the feet.

Does Miranda Cosgrove like foot massages?

Yes...miranda cosgrove loves to have her feet massaged!

Do most girls or women like to get their toes sucked or licked?

Many, but perhaps not most. If they don't, they may still like them to be massaged. A woman needs reminding that her feet are able to arouse, either naked or stockinged.

Does brigit mendler like to have her feet massaged?

Yes it's been said somewhere that brigit mendler likes to have her feet massaged if I met her I'd sit her down put her pretty feet and toes in my lap take off her shoes and socks and give her a nice and relaxing foot massage and I'd like to see her smile at me close her eyes and moan in pleasure I can't see women and girls not liking foot massages

Why do women like their breasts massaged?

as the male massage the nipple area women can get a wife likes when her mail tailor touches her nipples.

Do girls like getting their toes sucked?

That's like asking if guys like getting their butts massaged. Completely dependent on the individual's personal preferences, not the gender as a whole.

Does actress Kerry bishe like getting her feet massaged?

Yes I believe she does I'm sure that her ex boyfriend actor Elijah wood did it for her I'd offer her a foot massage if she says yes and lets me rub her tired sore feet I would she has pretty feet and toes

How do women like to be massaged?

It is a myth that men like more pressure and women like less. If you are talking about therapeutic massage, women, in general, enjoy more pressure than men. The best way to find out is to ask them.

Is it gay to have your prostate massaged?

only if you like it

Can a cancer patient be massaged?

A cancer patient can indeed be massaged. These cancer patients are likely very sore from treatment and would like a massage.

Why do women's feet turn me on so much?

I am really not sure. Perhaps you just like women's feet???

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