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women and men are equal

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Q: Do men or women like getting their feet massaged the most?
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How do you get girl to give you a foot job?

Ask her. It's not a very delicate matter, and many women like their feet to be massaged and worshipped. Others may have yet to get over childhood training in covering or hiding the feet.

Do most girls or women like to get their toes sucked or licked?

Many, but perhaps not most. If they don't, they may still like them to be massaged. A woman needs reminding that her feet are able to arouse, either naked or stockinged.

Does actress Kerry bishe like getting her feet massaged?

Yes it's been said somewhere that brigit mendler likes to have her feet massaged if I met her I'd sit her down put her pretty feet and toes in my lap take off her shoes and socks and give her a nice and relaxing foot massage and I'd like to see her smile at me close her eyes and moan in pleasure I can't see women and girls not liking foot massages

Is it gay to have your prostate massaged?

only if you like it

Do white girls feet smell?

I've actually smelled a pretty hot white girl's feet and omg yes, they do smell. She happened to be in her gym shoes. She does not smell herself and her feet don't smell up a big room. But up close, her feet smell very floral/pollen like. White girl must have pampered her feet and use essence lotions(like most white girls) to make it smell like pollen and rosy, but mixed with the smelly vinegar type smell. I wouldn't say it stinked, but it sure was very interesting.

I'm getting thoughts about men but i like women what do i do?

i would go with women

Do Black guys like biracial women feet?

Yes, Black guys like Native American womens feet.

Why do girls like foot rubs?

It's not just the feet. People generally like being rubbed, scratched, massaged etc. so it's not only guys either.It can also be because the feeling of having one of the most worked parts of the body (the feet) rubbed is a feeling of relief and dominance because not many people would offer to give a guy a foot rub. I would.

Why do people like getting their feet tickled?

People like getting their feet tickled for a number of reasons. The main reason is that it makes them laugh. The alteration of sensation also brings them a sensation of pleasure.

What did greek women wear on their feet?

it is sock like slippers called sykhos

Men and women are like feet They need each other?

Nice to know..

Why do women's feet turn me on so much?

I am really not sure. Perhaps you just like women's feet???