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Toenails help you balnce.

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Q: Do long toenails help you balance?
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What do you do when your hamsters toenails get to long?

Hamsters Toenails are not very easy to cut but you may be able to bring them to a pet store and they should be able to help.

Are long toenails sexy?


Why are your dogs toenails black?

My dog's toenails are not black. They are white. Not all dogs have black toenails. Not sure what made you think that are mistaken.

What animals have long tail and why?

Long tails are too help balance and wind speed cats and big lions or tigers to help them balance when catching prey

Can a dog's toenails be too long How long is too long?

30CM 30CM

What is the purpose of toenails?

Toenails serve to protect the tips of our toes from injury and provide support for the soft tissues underneath. They also help to improve our sense of touch and aid in maintaining balance while walking or running.

How are long are your toenails?


How big can toenails grow?

69 feet long

Does a ostriches have a long neck?

Yes they do, to help them balance when they run. :)

How long does it take to grow toenails?

Toenails grow around 3mm per month and they require 12 to 18 months to completely regrow.

What happens if you don't cut your toenails?

Your toenails will grow so long. They will curl back and kill you. This happened to a recent freind of mine. Who was 7. This is true

How often should a man cut his toenails?

it really depends on the person how long it takes their toenails to grow. You shouldn't let the toe nails exceed the length of the toe