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They LOVE it!!!!!!!!! All girls dream about that hep pending to them!!!

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2015-05-25 19:46:14
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Q: Do girls like it when guys hug them from behind?
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How do girls be clingy?

They hang on the guys, hug them and don't let go of they are parasites.

How do guys hug girls they like?

Grab her by the waist after you wrap your arms around her and hold her tight!

Why do guys start hugging girls when they did not hug them before?

One reason for guys hugging girls when they never have before can be because they have become really good friends with the girl. As before it would not have been ok to hug the girl when he does not really know her.

What things do girls like that guys do?

Well girls usually like it when you hug them and just like to be around them but they usually really hate it when you flirt with other girls to make her jealous, they really like when you just kiss her forehead or cheek. I agree. I love getting hugs from guys especially the ones you like. I like being held knowing he cares. So guys remember to give the girl a hug. Absolutely agree. We also like it if you tell her why you like her (funny, smart, etc.) Give her compliments and try to be too cocky. Also, if you text her in the morning write "Hey Beautiful". Girls like being called beautiful! I've never really had a serious relationship before. It kind of sucks because all I do when i'm dating someone is say "Hi" and go to my next class. We don't hug or do anything, which is why I currently don't date. So I would say hug her, definitely say somthing good about her (not her clothes or body, but her personality, you could say she is beautiful!) thats what I would want a guy to do. And maybe fit a kiss in there, but for the first one I would do a short but slow one and see how she reacts!

Do girls do anything in a sexual hug?

Not really If you wanted you could search it on the internet,but what is kind of is,it's when you hug them and you feel like you want to kiss them and you get a urge that you can't resist!

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Do girls like cute autistic guys?

yes and they like to hug them too

How do girls be clingy?

They hang on the guys, hug them and don't let go of they are parasites.

How do guys hug girls they like?

Grab her by the waist after you wrap your arms around her and hold her tight!

Do guys like it when girls hug them and put their head on the guys chest?

I love it when women do that. It is one of my all time favorite things.

How should you hug your girlfriend?

I am personally a girl, & how you should hug your girlfriend is wrap your arms around her waist,some girls like it when you hug their waist from behind! i'm sure i do!

Do girls hug guys they like?

(I'm a girl) If you like a girl and you think she likes you, ask her out. Girls like guys to be men and take charge. Hug her! I promise, girls love it when the guy they like hugs them. (ANOTHER FEMALE ANSWER) OK DUDE I HUG EVERYONE ITS NOT THAT SPECIAL YOU'VE PROBABLY HUGGED YOUR MOM ITS NOT SPECIAL AND ITS REAL OBVIOUS YOU LIKE HER ( im a dude) I usually would say hell yeah but I don't know now. It depends if she leans on you when they hug you. I think I would say girls do hug guys they like, cause I'm a girl and I hug a guy I like EVERYDAY!!!! Literally, and I hug him for like 10 seconds, then he lets go and I'm still hugging him, so he hugs me again and he lets go and I'm still hugging him... i think he gets tired of that... Anyway he is my boyfriend so I don't know. I think I hug him way to long.

How can you get a girl you like to hug you or what is a way to break the touch barrier?

Flirt with her. Make it obvious you like her. Girls like it when guys make the first move.

Do guys like it when girls hug them?

Yes, It makes them feel special. It also make them feel that it is easier to confront you and move faster into your relationship and when girls kiss them they punch the girls

Do boys like to hug girls?


Why do guys like to hug girls?

Because they like the girl maybe or just because they're of the other sex lol. And same with girls, they like hugging boys because it's the opposite sex.

Your best guy friend always hugs you does he like you?

Some guys just are really touchy feely, like me. I hug people, guys and girls, all the time and its never sexual. Although straight guys don't like other guys hugging them usually, especially if they're gay/bi. But yeah see if he's like that with his other close friends, guys and girls.

What does it mean when a guy hugs you at the end of a blind date?

well when you are on a blind date you tend to talk and laugh. at the end of the date most guys hug the girls to be nice or they hug the laddys and say "sorry your just not the one. i hope we can still be freinds." the guys could also just hug them if they like the way the date was and they also like you.

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