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yes of course you should...girls always love hugs silly!

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2009-11-21 07:08:00
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Q: Should you ask this girl you like for a hug the next time you see her?
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What is the next step you should take to see if this girl likes you?

After talking to a girl you like for a few times it is now time to ask her out on a date and hope that she will accept.

What should you do if you like a girl who knows you like her but you have to sit next to one of her annoying friends in class?

i know it's really hard to do, and you need the confidence but i think the best thing would be to tell them how you feel. just tell the girl next time and be like "yes i do still like her, stop asking me" or something

You go out with this girl and you like her and that but there is this other girl that you like even more and you flirt all the time what should you do?

чou should tell the girl чou like her && taake it from there:) x

Does a girl like you if she talks to you once and then ignores you the next time you try to talk to her?


If you notice that a girl likes you and you tell her that you like her but she said no want should be your next step?

Continue to flirt with her, but don't rush anything. All she needs is time.

You like a girl but she doesn't like me what should you do?

Leave her alone! Don't waste your time with her.

When should a girl have here first kiss?

When you Feel like its the right time. :]

When a girl says she likes you but wants to take it slow and needs time to herself how much time does she need and how long should one?

It means she is not interested and you should move to the next one.

What should i do when the girl i like and my friend try's to talk to me at the same time?

talk to them both.

What should i do if i like a girl but she doesn't like me?

You should find a girl that likes YOU. Do not waste time with someone that doesn't like you, when there are girls out there that do like you. You deserve to find someone to be with, just as much as any other person does. Now start looking.

Should you petticoat your son?

A boy should be dressed like a boy; and a girl like a girl; until such time as they are old enough to establish their own sexual identity. Dressing a boy like a girl will only cause unneccessary gender confusion in a small child.

Is it good when a girl tells you after a date that she had a good time until next time?

It is good when a girl tells you after a date that she had a good time, and until the next date. This implies that she wants to have another date.

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