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Girls go threw a lot during the ages 9 and 15 they go threw puberty boys get it to but girls go threw a lot more they bleed from the vagina witch is call a period and the lumps behind there called breast or boobs that's another part of puberty for girls they go threw mood swings they can get very grumpy during puberty or there period so watch out lol.

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Q: Do girls have lumps behind there nipple?
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What does it mean when you have lumps around the outside of your nipples?

Small lumps around the areola surrounding the nipple is normal, especially if the nipple is cold. The lumps are known as: Glands of Montgomery. If you are really concerned, or notice changes in a nipple, see your doctor.

Is it normal for an 11 year old developing girl to find lumps in her breast specifically behind the nipple?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. The lump behind the breast is called the thelarche, for it to form is normal.

If I have noticed white raised lumps around my nipple and a brown crust on my nipple along with aching breasts do you know what this could be?

nipple napple

If you have small lumps on the nipple of your breast is it breast cancer?

yes yes

Lumps behind ears?


What are girls tites?

The Nipple on her breast

What are lady lumps?

there r girls buts

After a female dog has puppies is it normal to develop lumps around the nipple?

Yes. An element of scar tissue can build up from the puppies teeth. However, if any large lumps; weeping lumps, or lumps that grow noticeably bigger over time, seek veterinary assistance.

What does a girls nipples taste like?

If you were to suck on your own skin then suck on a girls nipple, it would be the same. The nipple doesnt taste of anything.

How do you peek at a girls nipple?

Perve... You don't.

Do girls get pleasure from their breasts?

Yes mostly from the nipple and the Areola ( the coloured area around the nipple ).

How can you improve my nipple i am a boy?

allow your friend to bite on nipple like girls and kiss your friend

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