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yes girls usually have a higher tolerance for pain though in some cases like due to age or how they are built the boy would be stronger.

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Q: Do girls have a higher threshold for pain than boys?
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Do boys go trough more pain than girls?

It depends on how tough and buff the girls or boys are. Naturally, boys and girls receive the same amount of pain.

Why boys should bite girls nipple?

Nibbling can be very erotic. Don't full force bite though. That can cause damage and severe pain.

What is the Rapid Threshold Procedure in monofilament testing?

When using monofilaments to determine nerve health, the Rapid Threshold Procedure is a method promoted by Connecticut Bioinstruments to quickly find a threshold. It relies on the proper calibration of the monofilaments, including the inability to confound pain and touch sensations.

Who has it easier in puberty boys or girls?

Boys definitelyBecause even though they think it's harder because they don't talk about it, it is still harder for girls because we don't want to talk about it either but we are FORCED to talk about it and it is SOOOOOO gross. Also when puberty is over for boys it is ALL over and done with but even when girls' puberty is over we STILL have to get periods every month. Another thing boys only have one change, which is puberty, and when it is over it's over. On the other hand girls have two changes, puberty and menopause, and when puberty is over, as previously stated, we STILL have to get periods every month AND we don't get off the hook there because we STILL have menopause coming!!! ==True... you do get periods after, but can you imagine having to shave everytime you wake up from a nap? how much of a pain when you wake up every morning with a stiffy?Girls have to shave their legs and armpits. true, not as often but it is that + periods. Also, if you want to have a kid the normal way you have to get pregnant... guys don't. Also can you imagine how painful period cramps are?

What is so great about having big breasts?

some of it isn't so great , boys drooling when they see them , back pain , ect . it's not great at all .

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Do boys go trough more pain than girls?

It depends on how tough and buff the girls or boys are. Naturally, boys and girls receive the same amount of pain.

Why do girls get more pain than Boys?

because girls can take the pain

Boys are stronger then girls?

genitically boys are more fit and able to endure more pain

Is a man's or womens body more resistant to damage and pain if your body is strong with muscle compared to someone who does not work out?

Regarding the damage , yes those who workout are more resistant to tissue damages than those don't work out. regarding the pain, every person have a specific pain threshold, so the higher your pain threshold means the higher your pain resistance, and one of the things that workout does is releasing of Endorphins and catecholamines which both acts an endogenous pain killers and increases your pain threshold so in general work our does make you more resistant to pain and damage.

Do boys can stand pain more than girls?

Depends on ther build, but most boys say they can stand pain more but they dont.Girls and boys are almost the same

Threshold of human in db?

The threshold of hearing is 0 dB. The threshold of pain = 137.5 dB.

What is a high pain threshold?

Having a high pain threshold means you can take more pain than most people without it becoming unbearable

Have men or women got a higher threshold of pain?

Women do. Althought men can take more pain women can take more pain mentally. Women are also cooler than men.

What is a word to define the ability to endure pain?

pain threshold

What does a low pain threshold mean?

it means your body sends more pain then needed towards places that have been punched, kicked ect then someone with regular pain threshold. as pain is just a message from your body saying to stop but if you have a low pain threshold your body sends too much pain.

Explain the difference between high and low pain threshold during labor?

Well if you have a 'high pain threshold' you seem to feel a lot more pain then you do if you have a 'low pain treshol'.

What is a pain threshold?

A pain threshold is the minimum intensity or duration of a sensory stimulus applied to a living being at which it becomes considered painful.

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