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it means your body sends more pain then needed towards places that have been punched, kicked ect then someone with regular pain threshold. as pain is just a message from your body saying to stop but if you have a low pain threshold your body sends too much pain.

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Q: What does a low pain threshold mean?
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Explain the difference between high and low pain threshold during labor?

Well if you have a 'high pain threshold' you seem to feel a lot more pain then you do if you have a 'low pain treshol'.

What is high threshold means?

A high threshold means that there is low sensitivity towards the measure. For example, if an individual has a high pain threshold, it means they are not very sensitive to pain. That is, it will require a lot more pain for them to respond due to their high (pain) threshold. The idea of sensitivities and thresholds can be applied to many areas of psychology such as contrasts and spatial frequencies just to name a few.

Does getting your vertical labret hurt?

It depends on your pain threshold. If you have a low pain tolerance it will hurt more than someone who has a high pain tolerance.

What is the dB rating for pain threshold?

If you mean the sound pressure level that causes pain, it is about 120 dB SPL.

Why is it bad to wax while your on your period?

Some people have low pain threshold during their period. Before a cycle is when your pain threshold is quite low and thus making it very painful. Mid cycle to after a week after your period is when you have the highest pain threshold. Many women don't feel a thing so that's the best time. And also waxing while on your period in the nether regions can be messy if you don't have the right equipment.

Threshold of human in db?

The threshold of hearing is 0 dB. The threshold of pain = 137.5 dB.

What is a high pain threshold?

Having a high pain threshold means you can take more pain than most people without it becoming unbearable

What is a word to define the ability to endure pain?

pain threshold

What is a pain threshold?

A pain threshold is the minimum intensity or duration of a sensory stimulus applied to a living being at which it becomes considered painful.

What is the pain threshold for human hearing?


What is a high threshold?

Having a high pain threshold means you can take more pain than most people without it becoming unbearable

When is a woman's pain threshold the highest?

When she is giving birth.

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