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Q: Do feet or hands have more nerves?
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What is a painful condition of the nerves of the hands and feet?

One painful condition of the nerves of the hands and feet is peripheral neuropathy.

Is peripheral neuropathy a painful condition of the nerves of the hands and feet?

That's one possible manifestation.

Where can nerve tissue found?

Where nerves can be found. Examples: brian, arm, leg, hands, feet (ect.)

What is neuropothy?

Neuropathy is a condition where damage has been done to the nerves. This can cause weakness, numbness, and pain in the hands and feet.

Could back surgery cause pins and needles in hands and feet?

... anytime you disturb the spine nerves can be effected.

What has more hands than feet?

A clock: 2 or 3 hands, 0 feet.

Where are the most nerve endings in your body?

Areas that are more associated with sensory systems such as hands feet have more nerves

When does your palm feel more heat?

There are alot of blood vessels and nerves in the palm of the hands.

Which do you use more your hands or your feet?

I use my hands more frequently than my feet. Hands are essential for many tasks such as writing, typing, eating, and grasping objects. Feet are generally used for activities like walking, running, and balance support.

What are tickle nerves?

Tickle nerves are nerve points in a human body that are sensitive to touch. There are lots of sensitive nerve ends in the feet, so that's why the feet are a popular ticklish spot. These nerves are everywhere, armpits, feet, legs, ribs, thighs, neck, everywhere! It just depends whether the person's tickle nerves are more or less reactant. For example: Sarah's tickle nerves in her feet are not that sensitive, which means Sarah does not have ticklish feet.

How does Charcot Marie Tooth effect the peripheral nerves?

CMT decreases the ability of these nerves to carry motor commands to muscles, especially those furthest from the spinal cord located in the feet and hands. As a result, the muscles connected to these nerves eventually weaken

What large mammal has more hands than feet?

the answer is horse, because horses are measured in hands not feet ~Furfur