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hell yea

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Q: Do boys think tall girls are hot?
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Why do boys bother girls?

Boys bother girls because they think that there hot.

What do boys secretly think about girls?

there hot as the sun

Do girls like boys fighting?

Well, the boys think it's "hot"

Do boys annoy girls when they think they are hot and cute?


Why do boys think girls making out is hot?

there could be a lot of reasons why boys think girls kissing is hot or sexy. for 1 boys can not get some so they look a girl on girl. so it just hot we will never no maybe but some day we will and add on so we can fine this out .

Does everyone think that justin bieber is hot?

Just girls ! Boys are jealous !

Why do boys just assume that EVERY girl is into them?

Because boys think that when girls talk to them they automatically like them also they think the girl is hot

Why does my friends Megan think im so HOT?

well if she thinks that youre hot then you should accept that. girls will be girls and girls think that boys are hot weather they like it or not and the boy can't do anything to stop how a person feels

Do think girls are hot?

omg boys are sooo gross and are you a boy who asked this if you are then your a perv

What is the difference in the reasons why girls fight and boys fight?

Girls fight for boys and boys fight for girls. Girls fight because they make themselves look hot and boys fight to make themselves look hot too.

What do teenage boys think are hot in teenage girls?

First of all teenage boys think constantly about teenage girls. We just want good looks and a smiling face too and style also matters.

How hot is Dayne Morten?

hes hot to boys but not to girls

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