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It depends on how tough and buff the girls or boys are. Naturally, boys and girls receive the same amount of pain.

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Q: Do boys go trough more pain than girls?
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Do girls have a higher threshold for pain than boys?

yes girls usually have a higher tolerance for pain though in some cases like due to age or how they are built the boy would be stronger.

Why boys should bite girls nipple?

Nibbling can be very erotic. Don't full force bite though. That can cause damage and severe pain.

Who has it easier in puberty boys or girls?

Boys definitelyBecause even though they think it's harder because they don't talk about it, it is still harder for girls because we don't want to talk about it either but we are FORCED to talk about it and it is SOOOOOO gross. Also when puberty is over for boys it is ALL over and done with but even when girls' puberty is over we STILL have to get periods every month. Another thing boys only have one change, which is puberty, and when it is over it's over. On the other hand girls have two changes, puberty and menopause, and when puberty is over, as previously stated, we STILL have to get periods every month AND we don't get off the hook there because we STILL have menopause coming!!! ==True... you do get periods after, but can you imagine having to shave everytime you wake up from a nap? how much of a pain when you wake up every morning with a stiffy?Girls have to shave their legs and armpits. true, not as often but it is that + periods. Also, if you want to have a kid the normal way you have to get pregnant... guys don't. Also can you imagine how painful period cramps are?

What does high pain tolerance mean?

It means that you can withstand a hole lot of pain. More then a regular person.

What is so great about having big breasts?

some of it isn't so great , boys drooling when they see them , back pain , ect . it's not great at all .

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Why do girls get more pain than Boys?

because girls can take the pain

Do boys can stand pain more than girls?

Depends on ther build, but most boys say they can stand pain more but they dont.Girls and boys are almost the same

Can girls handle pain better than boys?

Depends more on the person than the gender

Do girls get spanked more?

Now because most boys are more stronger thin girls and can take the pain not that girl aren't strong because I am one and is strong.

Why are boys pain in the butts?

boys are pains in the butts because there boys and they just want to be the centre of attention and will dump you for more friends and to be more popular... girls on the other hand are sufficient and well mannered well maybe not ya xxx

Can boys handle more pain as girls?

Well it depends who the boy or girl is. If the girl has gone through a major change/situation that made her strong then she could be not as prone to pain as the boy mentally, but he might less prone to pain physically.

Do girls have a higher threshold for pain than boys?

yes girls usually have a higher tolerance for pain though in some cases like due to age or how they are built the boy would be stronger.

Is it harder for girls or boys growing up?

This really is a matter of personal opinion. It is almost impossible to answer this as there are so many variables. I think it is harder for girls. On average, unless the boy is going through something bad or ...something. Girls change more, perriosds, they have a risk of being pregnet, It depends..? Girls most deffiently do, they have periods-very very painful times throught their lives, and all boys have to do is adjust a little bit to their new selves. well on average boys can take more pain then the pain girls suffer is actually easier for this would make it seem to a girl that they have it harder..but they don't...its equal hi and i totally agree with the other person on how they say that its harder on girls growingup bt one thing i wanted 2 say is that actually girls can handle more pain then guys....we have a higher pain threshhold than boys so... False, during a man's puberty, his shoulders and biceps grow 4-5 times the regular size, he also builds layers of muscles in many other parts of the body like stomach and chest areas which can suppress pain, which is why all the time a girl falls in PE class she cries -.-

Do you feel pain during puberty?

god yeh girls; period pains bad stomach boys; irrections

Why do boys smack girls while sex?

Its a gene inside both boys and girls from the times humans were climbming trees. Sadomasocistic primal leftover were wild primates were in search of alpha status and a disturbed search of balance of pleasure and pain

Are boys cooler than girls or not?

YES THEY are because they are stronger in many ways and dose not cry when a person hits them^^clearly a boy wrote that. don't be so sexist. girls can be a lot cooler than boys, and not all boys are stronger than girls. :/It depends on the personality. Some boys are jerks and *bleep* for all I care and some girls can be annoying as *bleep*. Also, the person who wrote the first answer is a *bleep*. He doesn't know the pain of childbirth.

Why do guys like the noises girls make during sex?

alot of girls make noise because they are enjoying it. if you hurt yourself and it is an intense pain, you may notice you moan, because its a very big pain, sex is kinda the same, if you dont moan, cant be that good, the more girls moan, the better it is. boys love making girls feel good in the bedroom, so in conclusion, more girl moans, means the guy is doing a good job, and they like that :P hope this helps ^_^ -kat x

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