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presentation : anterior

position : dorsosacral

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Q: Describe normal presentation of a health foal delivery?
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What is abnormal labor and delivery called?

There is no legal of medical term for abnormal labor and delivery. The term abnormal or atypical would be used to describe the labor and delivery that was different from what is considered normal.

Is it possible normal delivery when first delivery not normal?


What is normal spontneous delivery?

Normal vaginal delivery.

What is digital Presentation?

A digital presentation is like a normAl presentation but on computer or program

What is variable presentation in pregnancy?

Baby position keeps on changing while doing scanning is called "Variable presentation"..I have checked this with doctor and she said it is not a problem in 5th month as sufficient time is there for the baby to change its position for normal delivery.. K.Veeramani from India..

If You have your tubes tied and you are pregnant through invitro. Are you going to have a normal delivery?

There is no guarantee to any woman of a normal delivery. If you are carrying a single fetus, you will probably have a normal delivery.

Is 238 days of delivery in pregnancy is normal?

No. It takes 280 days ( 10 lunar months) for normal delivery to take place. Such delivery is called as premature delivery.

Describe the value of 'normal flora' to health?

The "normal flora" in the alimentary system is necessary for optimum good health because it helps break down food properly. Without these bacteria, digestion is often compromised.

What is standard delivery?

Standard delivery - is normal postal delivery - as opposed to special, recorded or courier delivery.

What is cesarian delivery and normal delivery?

Not really. Normal delivery is painful, but so is a C-section after the anesthesia wears off. But it takes a very long time to heal from a C-section and you can't do normal activities for weeks.

Procedure of normal spontaneous delivery?

Normal spontaneous delivery, also known as vaginal delivery, is a process where the baby is born through the birth canal without the need for medical intervention. It typically involves three stages: labor, pushing, and delivery of the placenta. During labor, the cervix dilates to allow the baby to pass through. The pushing stage involves the mother pushing the baby out with contractions. Following the birth, the placenta is delivered.

What is the opposite of caesarean?

There is no direct opposite. The choice is normal labor (vaginal delivery) or surgical delivery.