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If you feel the desire to experiment with insuffulation (snorting) of amphetamines recreationally or for other purposes, this can be done safely with the correct type and dosage of amphetamine. The dosage and type of amphetamine are very important factors, as different types of amphetamines have different physiological effects. However, I do not recommend trying this if you have an addictive personality, as amphetamines administered in these ways can be extremely habit forming.

Having said this, "D-amphetamine salts combo", or Adderall would be one of the worst amphetamine medications to snort. This salt combination contains the following amphetamine salts:

  • 1/4 dextroamphetamine saccharate
  • 1/4 dextroamphetamine sulfate, USP
  • 1/4 (racemic) amphetamine aspartate monohydrate
  • 1/4 (racemic) amphetamine sulfate, USP

The racemic salts contain both D-amphetamine and L-amphetamine isomers. Snorting these would not get you high. They would give you headaches, rapid heart beat, uncomfortable breathing, etc. The only amphetamine salt that would get you high, and be safe to snort in small doses would be the non-racemic dextroamphetamine sulfate. Since you are asking this question, I can safely assume that you are not a chemical engineer / chemist, and would not be able to identifiy / seperate these salts. So snorting adderall / mixed salts is out of the question, unless you want a bad high. Your best bet would be to obtain Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine sulphate) that comes in either tablet, or extended release capsule formulations. Once you obtain these, you have exact measured doses of amphetamine that will give you a nice high when taken correctly.

Now, to ensure that you are getting an accurate dose, you must separate the binders and fillers in the tablet or the time release material from the pellets inside the capsule of the dextroamphetamine sulfate. This sounds complicated, but it is very easy. First, you need pure Acetone found at any hardware store.

Take the tablet, or the pellets and grind them up into a fine powder and place them into a mixing bowl or something similar. Go outside, or into a well ventilated area away from flame or spark sources, and using safety gloves and safety glasses, pour the Acetone over the powder in the bowl until the powder is completely submerged in the Acetone. Amphetamines are not soluable in Acetone, but everything else is, so after Stirring generously (This is best done on a warm day, or in a warm ventilated room for the purpose of speeding up the reaction) everything except for the amphetamine should be dissolved into the acetone. Now, pour the contents of the bowl through a coffee filter, and keep the white sludge remaining. This is your purified amphetamine. Spread this pasty mixture thinly on a baking sheet and allow the residual acetone to evaporate fully. You will know this has happened when you have a dry powderish material that does not smell like acetone. If it smells like acetone, or it is damp, it is not done. When it is dry, you can now weigh out approximate doses to snort.

"Individual patient response to amphetamines varies widely. While toxic symptoms occasionally occur as an idiosyncracy at dosages as low as 2 mg, they are rare with doses of less than 15 mg; 30 mg can produce severe reactions, yet doses of 400 to 500 mg are not necessarily fatal. In rats, the oral LD50 of dextroamphetamine sulfate is 96.8 mg/kg."

This means, that given the extreme rarity of toxic symptoms below 15 mg, and that humans can consume doses of 400-500 mg without necessarily dying, you're safe to weigh up small line below 15 mg, and start with that to see how you react. If you don't feel anything, gradually increase the dose every 15-20 mins until you're feeling good. Done and Done.

Please DO NOT use this drug recreationally. Crushing the pill and ingesting through the nose (snorting) causes the amphetamine to enter the bloodstream too quickly. This situation could easily lead to an overdose. Sometimes people think that prescription drugs are safe to abuse. This is far from true, using a drug not prescribed to you or ingesting more than you're prescribed dosage will most likely have severe consequences. Also, abusing prescription medicine can make a person more comfortable about using illegal drugs.

Please reconsider using this drug recreationally. If someone is pressuring you to do this or you feel like you won't fit in with your crowd if you don't go along, try explaining to them that the risks are to high for you and should be for them too. Many times that person is feeling the same pressure you are and will welcome the opportunity to avoid using.

If you feel to embarrassed to explain or can't stand the idea of not fitting in with the crowd, fake it. What I mean is find some way to distract your fellow users, hide the pills and pretend to take them. I know it may sound unreasonable to some that I recommend you fake-it(instead of just saying no), but I am only trying to help you not do drugs. Also, if you are in a group about to use drugs, pay close attention to the others, when a distraction comes up, I bet you'll catch someone else faking-it.

So my short answer to your question is: "0", "notta", "none", "zilch".

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Q: D amphetamine salts combo how many should i snort?
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