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the smoke is not good for anyone or any animal

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Q: Crystal meth smoke harmful to dogs?
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Can it be harmful to lace weed and crystal meth?

Doing weed and crystal meth together is no more dangerous than doing crystal meth alone.

How can you prevent Gonadal failure?

Smoke crystal meth

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What happens if you smoke crystal meth and then take lorazepam?

Finding out....

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No.None of the Black Eyed Peas smoke anything but Fergie used to be on crystal meth.

What to do after doing crystal meth to feel better?

If your smoking crystal meth you should feel awesome. maybe smoke some more or punch your dealer in his face for selling you bunk

What can you take for a headache if you smoke crystal meth?

do a line of meth, always works for me! And if you dont want to do that then ibprofren works pretty good too.

How long does crystal met show up on hair follicle test?

Don't smoke meth

What rock is a large crystal rock with mixed minerals?

Meth whatever you do dont smoke or snort it

How long should you wait to smoke marijuana after smoking crystal meth?

If your smoking meth weed is the least of your worries go ahead and toke away

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Can you get high from kissing someone who has just smoked meth?

no, because as long as your not smoking the crystal meth itself, it will have no affect on you. things like kissing,hugging, having sex ect; can not get you high as long as you dont smoke meth, even if the other person does.