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I get red hot feet at night in my sleep or just before sleep and it keeps me awake or if it progresses to RLS it wakes me. I think it may be poor circulation since my heart rate goes down to the 40s when I am at rest.

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Q: Could bad circulation cause red hot feet?
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Can you do a foot massage if somebody have bad circulation?

Massage improves circulation and is highly recommended for people with poor circulation in their feet and elsewhere.

What does having cold feet mean?

It could mean different things. One of the simplest meanings is that you have bad blood circulation to your lower extremities.

Why do you have cold hands and feet?

Bad circulation? try gloves and socks (Y)

Can you have bad circulation even if you are not over weight?

Yes, there may be underlying disorders which can cause poor blood circulation.

Woke up this morning both hands looked very dark could that be bad circulation?

could bad circulation be waking up this morning and my hands are dark color

Why hands and feet tingle and turn blue?

Sounds rather like poor circulation. Lack of oxygen in the feet (or elsewhere) could cause cyanosis, and that makes the skin look blue. When the blood supply has been cut off from, say, the feet, and then returns, tingling is sometimes felt.

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