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Yes. Possible though not plausible.

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Q: Could a woman smother a man to death with her breasts?
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Can the jets in a bathtub harm a pregnant woman?

No but if the water is over 99 degrees feronhight it could cause death and if your breasts are in the water it could cause them to leak.

Can a woman facesit a man and smother him?


When a woman's breasts leak does it mean she is pregnant?

No. One of the most common reasons that breasts leak is because the woman just had a baby. If the breasts are not expressed regularly while a woman is lactating, they will get sore and they will leak. If the breasts leak at any other time, it could be a medical symptom.

What does breast tender mean?

Tender breasts (when a woman's breasts feel sore or cause pain when touched), could indicate a number of things, including that a woman's menstrual cycle is about to begin. It can also be an early sign of pregnancy.

What are some reasons why a woman's breasts could be getting larger?

Weight gain or pregnancy. But I am sure there are more.

Can a busty woman smother someone?

Depends on how strong she is and/or whether or not her potential victim is off-guard/sleeping/drunk/whatever when she gets him in that position. I've known at least a few women who could do it.

What do woman wear in front of their breasts?

Women wear bras to cover and to support the breasts.

How many breasts is too many?

Can a woman have too many breasts? What is the perceived limit?

What are chesticles?

Slang term for a woman's breasts.

What is touching the top?

touching the breasts of a woman

Can woman's breasts get bigger after touching or sucking?


What is a woman's cleavage?

That is the valley between her breasts.