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I've been taking coumadin for nearly 4 years and recently started having some strange skin-related symptoms. After some research my doctor found that coumadin can deplete lysine in the body (regardless of diet) and has put me on lysine supplements. But I would still recommend ALWAYS talking to your doctor before taking any new medications or supplements while taking coumadin.

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Q: Can you take lysine while taking coumadin?
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i want to know if you can take lysine while taking chemo (cancer treatment) dang it!!!

Can you take Viagra while taking coumadin?

Yes you can thats funny you ask that my .......................................

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can you eat onoins while taking coumadin?

Does Benadryl affect coumadin levels?

Coumadin (warfarin) can interact with many other medications. If taking both together, you should see your doctor and ask them directly for advice.You can take benadryl while taking coumadin.

Can you take Imodium while taking a blood thinner?

Can I take coumadin and immodium at the same time

Can you take Dilaudid while im taking coumadin?

Yes, my hematologist just prescribed it for pain. He is also responsible for monitoring my coumadin monthly.

Can you take phenergan if you are taking Coumadin?

can you take warfarin and phenergan together

Can you take Vicodin while on coumadin?

I would have to say the answer to this is yes, because the same internist who put me on coumadin prescribed vicodin to me for my pain. He didn't want me taking Aleve.

Can you take NyQuil will taking lyrica?

These will not interact. You can keep taking your Lysine while you take the cold medicine.Remember that Nyquil is a combination product. Check ingredients before taking other over the counter products, as they might have the same ingredients.

Can you take melatonin while on coumadin?


Is it safe to take actifed with coumadin?

it really depends on their doctors discretion i know in my line of work (dentistry) if a person is taking coumadin they have to be off of it for seven days before having extractions done and then they go back on it about 2 days after. Haven't had any complications with it.

Can you take Lexapro and coumadin?

My doctor prescribed 10 mg of Lexapro to me while I was taking 4mg of Coumadin daily. Not sure if it makes a difference but I am only on Coumadin for another 3 months and have been taking Lexapro for about a month. So I would imagine it is safe as long as you continue to have your INR levels monitored. But you may want to check with your dr especially if you need to be on Coumadin long-term or even forever in addition to the Lexapro.